GM Videocasts New Concept Car

    January 10, 2006

“What do you think of it?” asks General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz in a post yesterday on the GM FastLane Blog.

At the last count, over 225 customers and car enthusiasts have told Lutz precisely what they think of the Chevrolet Camaro concept car, the vast majority of comments overwhelmingly positive. “Build this and I’ll buy one!” would be a good summary of the informal feedback GM has received so far.

Yesterday’s post was followed by a 10-minute videocast – a first from GM – with Lutz at the North American International Auto Show being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. The video shows Lutz walking round the concept car with the interviewer, speaking enthusiastically (and with knowledge) about the car and its connectivity with models from previous years – important points for Camaro fans in particular.

With this videocast, the GM FastLane Blog clearly continues to play a significant role in GM’s overall communication activities. As Lutz is on record as saying: “The blog has become an important unfiltered (emphasis on unfiltered) voice for the company, our customers and auto enthusiasts.”

I like the videocast. Compared to the formal communication about the Camaro and the glitzy Flash-based website, the informality of Lutz’ ‘video tour’ sets a terrific tone. An effective use of the medium, I’d say. A great balance to the staged webcast.

GM needs to do a great deal of effective communication right now. The word’s biggest car maker posted a loss of nearly $5 billion in its North American automotive operations in the first nine months of 2005, according to the Wall Street Journal today in a story reporting that GM will slash prices across the board on most of its models.

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