Glowstick In Microwave: "Dingaling" Learns A Lesson

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Putting a glowstick in the microwave is usually not one's idea of an awesome thing to try, but Jack thought it would be.

Even though Jack's dad apparently already said it was a dumb idea.

When one puts a glowstick in the microwave, spoiler alert, it explodes all over the place. And it doesn't respect one's face.

Ok, we've all tried stupid stunts. Some of us have possibly used grocery carts for nefarious purposes. Perhaps some of us have jumped off of a roof onto a giving (or not so giving) surface at one time or another.

However, not many have tried putting a glowstick in the microwave. Well, you young rabble-rousers, consider this your public service announcement:

Warning, in addition to extreme idiocy and hilarity, there is some language in this video.

Jack decided to put his glowstick in the microwave. The obvious happened.

The very best part is his dad's reaction!

"Jesus, are you kidding me?" the boy's father yells. " God (bleep), Jack. Come here. I have no clue what do do with this."

"It's in my eyes," Jack replies.

"I gotta see what to do, Dingaling," the boy's father screams as he attempts to figure out how to proceed. "Not to mention it's all over your awesome shirt."

Jack's brother is the one who posted the video on YouTube so the world could witness just what happens when dingalings put glowsticks in microwaves.

He said, "I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show the world what my family already knows extremely well: Whenever Jack decides to do something, it almost never goes as planned."

So, the moral of the story is:

Before you decide to participate in any of this kind of asinine skulduggery, like putting a glowstick in the microwave, think of Jack.

Lacy Langley
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