Global Business Opportunities

    March 19, 2006

Globalization, outsourcing, and offshoring are very much in the news these days.

There are arguments for and against the moving of jobs out of their current companies, and of contracting the work to domestic or offshore organizations. The philosophy of outsourcing in the service industry is not what we are concerned with today. What we want to examine is how to make outsourcing work for you and your undependent business.

It’s a fact of modern world business, both large and small, that service and professional jobs once held within the company are being sub-contracted elsewhere. Some of the outsourcing of work is sent to offshore firms, while much of the required services to business management is sourced within the country of origin. In today’s global marketplace, every combination of contracting is possible, as a result of the internet.

At the click of a mouse, professional and service work can be completed in one part of the world, and be delivered to another part of the globe in an instant. As a part of the global internet revolution, your independent business can be part of the worldwide business network as well. As an entrepreneur, your business market is not only your home city, or country. It’s the entire planet. As such, your potential market is virtually unlimited. All you have to do is get involved.

As a global service provider, your website and your business blog can provide the appearance of being a very large company. Instead of the potential clients seeing you at the keyboard in your pajamas, they can be given the impression of a much larger organization with many employees. Thanks to outsourcing, partnerships, and sub-contracting of your own, your business can bid for some very large contracts.

As major corporations shed their domestic workforces, they still find the need for professional services ranging from accounting and legal services, to website and internet related professionals, to virtual assistants. Because of the high internal costs of professional staff people, contracting out looks very attractive to the corporate bottom line.

The jobs may no longer be in house, but the work must still be done in any case. As a result of the downsizing and outsourcing phenomenon, there has never been a greater opportunity for the independent business person to claim those service contracts. That means your company. Your lower overhead and smaller costs work to the advantage of your business.

Not only do you have the potential to contract for work within your own country, but to seek contracts on a world scale. Through local partnerships, often nurtured and developed as a result of blogging, two or more blogging entrepreneurs can successfully handle some very large contracts. By partnering with other internet based businesses, in several different professional specialties, a very strong virtual company can be created in a very short time. Your business can be part of one or more such global arrangements.

Instead of letting the thoughts of globalization and outsourcing cause your hair to turn prematurely grey, your business can become the recipient of the outsourced work. Often, businesses discover the sub-contractor through reading their business blogs. Your business blog can develop a relationship with personnel from large corporations who may require your company’s professional services, either now or in the immediate future.

Going global, or keeping service and professional jobs local, are just two more reasons to start and maintain a business blog.

Your internet based business could be worldwide in a nanosecond.

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