Glenn Beck Nazis Image Overshadows NRA Speech

    May 9, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Glenn Beck is well-known for using hyperbole, conspiracy theories, and provocative imagery to keep himself relevant to conservatives. However, during his keynote speech this weekend at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Annual Meeting, Beck went full-on Godwin’s law, characterizing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a Nazi.

According to a report from New York news station WABC, during the presentation Beck showed a satirical advertisement for New York City that showed Bloomberg, who is Jewish, giving a Nazi salute. Predictably, the Anti-Defamation League has criticized Beck’s presentation, calling it “insensitive and deeply offensive.”

The NRA has been battling gun restriction legislation since the Newtown shooting. In order to increase the legitimacy of their positions, the organization has been cleaning house and distancing itself from some of the more radical elements of the U.S. gun culture. Though Beck’s hour-and-a-half speech was largely filled with mainstream pro-gun arguments, his Nazi imagery could end up overshadowing the NRA’s meeting.

Last week’s NRA convention also gained attention this week after the organization requested a company called Zombie Industries remove a mannequin shooting target that resembles President Obama from its booth.

Beck’s Nazi Bloomberg reference occurs at around the 58-minute mark in the video of the speech below:

  • Ray

    The only way to pass any effective anti-gun legislation is to curb the NRA’s lobbying power. The Sandy Hook incident is a gruesome wake up call but Washington is still asleep at the wheel and now the NRA is running Washington, and this country! It may be already too late to control an ignorant redneck organization like the NRA but if something is not done soon this nation will really become police state.

    • Towelie

      Sorry, Ray, but you can’t blame rednecks for the NRA. I live in the South, born and raised. People here will fight over their right to possess their guns, sure, but that crapola displayed above is just that, crapola! This is no different to me than when dumba$$e$ ran around in sheets, for God’s sake. We’ve supposedly come a long way, baby. Symbols of hate should be shunned, period, and Hitler was about nothing BUT hate. Quite obvious these folks are dumb as dirt and too ignorant to know the difference.

  • Pat

    Isn’t this why Glenn Beck was FIRED from real TV? He is a complete IDIOT!

    • thomas willicams

      Sorry Pat YOU are the Idiot, Glenn Tells the truth, YOU on the other hand must hate it, you Anti-American Piece of Sht………

      • Reetah

        So funny Thomas Willicams….you just ripped Pat a new one for expressing their opinion…but are protecting Glenn Beck for expressing his….you spoke to volumes about those who support Glenn Beck…well done – you are a Richard Cranium if i have ever seen one!

        • evan

          Glenn Beck will do anything to stay in the public. A true media whore, if we want to use offensive terms.

  • Towelie

    Great show Beck! Next year are you going to move up in history to feature a graphic of a black man hanging from an oak tree? Really get the pot stirred up with that one! NRA: This is the kind of thing that has led to a lot of people to not want to have ANYTHING to do with your organization. YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER than to allow that graphic to be displayed! Under no circumstances will I believe otherwise! Shameful! Beck should be blackballed.

  • thomas willicams

    SWhats wrong with telling the truth…., ALOT of people don’t like Glenn Beck and the only reason I can think of is because he tell’s it like it is and WAY to many people cant handle the truth and want to keep their head in the sand, Thank God there are Men in this country who are not scared to tell the truth about the Agenda of OUR so-called Leaders, more people need to wake the fck up and see what is going on, There IS a Revolution brewing and I for one am happy to see it come,, Long Live these United States Of America……

  • Jackdaddy63

    You guys are ignorant of history. That is not a Nazi in the picture. Glenn’s photoshop puts Bloomberg’s face on Uncle Joe Stalin’s body. Before applying Godwin’s Law, make sure you are dealing with a real Nazi reference. Stalin is the archetype of a statist, and Bloomberg is aching to be every bit as statist as Stalin was.

  • iCRAP

    a revolution brewing???? hawhawhaw. jesus h christ. you haven’t been laid in awhile, have you? living in an uneven trailer, making fat dumb children with your embarassingly obese wife has made you paranoid sir. go get your GED and stop bitching about the government that PAYS your bills.

    • Derek Oldham

      I do not know who you are responding to.

  • Esther

    Glenn Beck at the NRA dinner? just goes to show birds of a feather will flock together.

  • David

    I am amazed at reporters that are unwilling to do their job and get the facts. The picture is of Joseph Stalin. He restricted the rights of the people in his country big time. The reference to Mayor Bloomberg taking away the freedoms of New Yorkers to choose drink size etc. is somewhat appropiate. He doesn’t think they are smart enough to make their own decisions.

  • Derek Oldham

    While I respect everyone’s right to an opinion and voicing same; I am
    not thrilled with someone who takes a position without looking at
    all the facts.

    Regardless of what the mass media portrays as “real”; The truth of the
    matter on “gun control” is NOT about gun control. It is about people
    control of law abiding citizens. The gun is not the issue. The Violent
    Criminal and Violent deranged person is the issue. Banning the tools
    does nothing about murders. The Violent person will always be able to
    steal or buy black market guns. However; If they are incarcerated or
    executed they will be unable to :
    A. Buy firearms or steal them.
    B. Use them in crimes of violence.

    Let us go after the root cause. Violent Criminals. Make the laws we
    already have on the books work by enforcing them.

  • johnbored

    The NAZI analogy is overused and overblown. However, contrary to popular belief the NAZIs were not extreme, right-winged, bastards, but extreme, left-winged, statist, bastards. NAZI stands for National Socialist Workers Party. They were rivals and competitors of the Communist. Think about it. Explain how in practice they were any different than Stalin’s USSR. The party bosses lived in luxury and the Party controlled the state by fear and coercion. And a cult of personality. Fascist, Liberal-fascist, or Neo-fascist, Power-monger, would be a better and less offensive terms to describe Bloomberg.

  • http://www.glennbeck.com/publish/uploads/2013/05/Screen-Shot-2013-05-07-at-1.37.25-PM.jpg Pay Attention

    David is correct, see comparison below:

    Socialism straddles left- and right-wing views… Nazi Germany and the USSR were both socialist, just on opposite ends of the political spectrum. There’s nothing wrong with being liberal or conservative, that’s just America. There IS a problem with the “progressive movement”, which is a push to socialism.