Glenn Beck Boycott: American Airlines In The Hotseat

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Glenn Beck isn’t known for keeping his opinions to himself, so when he’s unhappy with a service, the people in charge are going to know about it.

Beck says he was treated rudely on an American Airlines flight recently just because of who he is, and that the flight attendant refused to open his drink for him or speak politely even though that courtesy was given to every other passenger.

“My flight attendant nearly ?? merely barked the word “breakfast” when he came to me,” he said on his show. “When others were politely asked if they cared for anything to eat and given the choices, I was just barked at. When he delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin. By the way, the other passengers, nobody else had to open their can. He opened it and poured it for them. Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even a neutral word to me. I had service unlike I have never had ever before in my life, and I have had rude service before. I lived in New York City. I have never had service that was specifically designed to make me feel subhuman. Oh, I had it. He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America.”

Apparently the flight attendant wasn’t the first person to give Beck grief during that trip; he was also treated rudely in two different restaurants, and feels he didn’t do anything to invite those actions other than be himself. That conclusion was driven home when he realized the attendant hadn’t treated Beck’s family the same way.

“While he treated me as a subhuman, he treated my children nicely. So as I was deplaning, as he was standing next to the pilot, I said to him, “I want to sincerely thank you for not treating my children the way you treated me.” His response? “It was my pleasure. You deserved it.”

American Airlines has reached out to Beck via Twitter and says they are taking his experience very seriously, but Beck says he won’t be back.

“My family will never choose American Airlines again … if this is the kind of people that American Airlines likes to hire,” Beck said.


Glenn Beck Boycott: American Airlines In The Hotseat
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  • B2H

    I’m much more likely to boycott American over its judge-backed decision to abandon the contract they signed with their pilots. Whether we like unions or not, breaking a promise or a contract is not supposed to be the American way (be it the nation or the airline). I certainly don’t want to fly in planes flown by pilots who’ve just been screwed over.

  • willliam leddy

    Get over yourself my prince, we all suffer boo boos surfing this big blue orb.

  • amiljohn

    Everyone….everyone deserves “common courtesy”….the attendant should be fired if not providing an apology.

    • http://yahoo Patricia Dunham

      You go Lori

  • Lori

    Go Glenn!!! Those of you who say Glenn is a hater have never listened to him! And he’s nothing short of a lover of truth! Commenters, you should listen to him and form your opinion on your own rather than allowing the media or whomever the privilege! We have to think for ourselves, people!! Today’s issues are too important! Love your courage, Glenn! Woo Hoo! :)

    • Charlie O’Dwyer

      If Glenn were a minority, the ACLU would be on MSNBC (or is it BSNBC), CBS, ABC, CNN and right on down the line to point out how terribly minorities are treated. There is no need to look into antything other than what the delay is in terminating the employee. Oh! I forgot!! Can’t do that – – they have a union! Plus c’est la meme, plus c’est ne pas de change. Merde a toi to Unamerican Rudeflight Service to Hades. Would you like some seagull dropping with your chips Sir??

  • Stash

    Well AA Has lost 5 round trip flyers in my immediate family and I am going onto my facebook account where I have many many relatives, all will boycott the leftest Airline.

    • JK

      Wow, you are a clown. One guy gives him a hard time and may have just been a jerk…so THE WHOLE COMPANY IS LEFTIST???
      Nice work, your lack of intelligence is exactly what a political party wants! They’ll rob your 1st grade mind blind and all the while, you’ll love them to death. BRILLIANT!

      • Bill

        JK, aren’t you missing an ER?

        You accuse others of being clowns, lacking intelligence and having 1st grade minds yet demonstrate a complete misunderstanding of the concept underlying the Darwin Award. You are probably destined to someday be the recipient of a Darwin Award but you are certainly in no position to award one.

  • http://msn. ed

    Who is Gleen Beck???

  • GreyWo9lf38

    Lets get back to the real issue of the story! American Airlines seems to hire those folks who are less inclined to being courteous (or maybe who have less training ) than the majority of the other airlines.

    My experience is not as bad (or sad) as Beck’s but never-the-less as revealing. On a trip to Trinidad, no one on the flight was treated with anything but an attitude resembling “darn, do I really have to”.

    Oh, BTW, I am not a fan of Mr. Beck! He seems to be consumed with theories of conspiracy, gloom, doom and in general, despair. However, he strikes me as a rather mild mannered person; which would not make him deserving of the vitriolic attacks I am seeing here or the very negative attitude displayed by the cabin attendant.

  • Pam

    Well I’m not a Beck fan, but this flight attendant is in the profession of serving his customers, not making a statment about them. I’ve been in plenty of situations when I was serving the public and didn’t care for a particular customer, but it was my job to provide a service regardless of my feelings in the matter. And for those of you who think flight attendants should “accidently” spill a drink on him, you all disgust me! If I ever saw anyone treated that way, regardless of who they are or whether or not I knew them, I would contact the management of the airline and insist that peson be terminated immediately. Someone like that doesn’t belong in the service industry.

  • Hedy Soreco

    Those who accuse Glen Beck of hatred, sound like they are that way, themselves. Glen Beck is a proud American who KNOWS that our great country was founded upon biblical principles, by men who believed the bible and believed in God. Just because you don’t, doesn’t make it right. Our country was greater when we adhered to Judeo-Christian principles. When you take God out of ……. (anywhere), schools, for example, something always “replaces” what was removed, ie: guns, knives, violence. We need more respect in our country for the way it was founded and for who founded it.

    • Stan

      I love reading all the comments from TOLERANT liberals wishing ill on Beck… showing themselves to be the bigotted bunch of buffoons they really are! HA!

  • Stella

    While I agree that Beck is a jackass, it was the flight attendant’s job to be nice, difficult as it might be at times. With that said, I don’t know if I would have treated Beck any differently. Can’t stand the man.

    • Stan

      How can you liberals pretend to demand TOLERANCE when you are showing yourselves to be physically unable to show others common decency? Remarks like that prove that you are a bunch of hateful, biggotted buffoons. The bottom line is that we would live in a much nicer society if intolerant jackasses like that flight attendant could set aside their differences for a few short hours and show some common decency… Pretty difficult for everyone to get along when the bunch that shouts loudest for tolerance is unwilling to demonstrate it themselves!

    • http://Yahoo.com Annette

      Glen Beck should be boycott, he is a jerk!

      • Bill

        When your job (i.e. what you get paid to do) is to treat all passengers with respect regardless of your personal feelings toward them, you need to get fired when you purposely do not do your job. Isn’t that correct, Annette and Stella? That is what AA needs to do to this a-hole who behaved as if he owned the airline rather than hold a job as a nasty flying waitress. I think Mr. Beck needs to have the meanest of his lawyers contact AA about the enduring emotional distress he suffered as a result of this incident and also make this twit’s life many times as miserable as the twit made his plane ride. This outrage should not be tolerated and Mr. Beck has the money and the media to forcefully make that statement.

  • Patty

    Mr. Beck,most people have had issues w/different airlines at some time (if you travel). If we feel the need to make the problem known to those in authority then we write a letter. I agree w/many of Mr. Becks comments on political and social issues, but he needs to stop using the airways to tell the world he wasn’t treated kindly. He needs to grow up and realize he is not special…use the airways for real issues.

    • Pam

      Ok, just wait a minute. Suppose you went to a restaurant and found it not busy, but it took you 10 minutes to get seated. Then you sit for another 10 before they take your drink order. Maybe the food is cold and they never come around to see if you need anything else. Wouldn’t you let people know that you got really bad service from this restaurant? Beck just has a bigger audience than you and I have.

  • John

    It is NEVER ok to let ones personal beliefs interfere with the job that one is payed to do. The attendant should be terminated immediately. The job of an attendant is to provide courteous service to all, regardless of who they may be. The fact that many seem to think it is ok, is one of the main reasons we have devolved into a culture of churlishness and vitriol. Imagine the uproar if a conservative individual were to deny service to a gay couple, or a fire fighter decided not to rescue someone because of their race or religion. I’m not a Beck fan, but he has the right to express his opinion, and to enjoy the protections and considerations afforded to ALL citizens of this country, not just the ones we happen to like.

    • Pam

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • Chuck

    Look, I’m not defending the flight attendant. What that person did to Glenn Beck was not right. He should have done his job correctly and treated Beck like every other passenger. However, I wonder if Beck realizes at all that he may have brought that upon himself. He berates callers who don’t agree with him. He insults Democrats/Liberals because they don’t share the same beliefs as him. He’s done some pretty slime-ball things on the air. Sometimes karma bites you in rear end. Glenn Beck, like many pundits on both sides of the aisle, have forgotten the most important of all Christian Values–the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Glenn Beck does not treat others well on his show. He has said and done some very inflammatory things all in the name of “entertainment.” He has to expect that it doesn’t always make him well-liked by everyone in America.

  • Patty

    Mr. Beck,most people have had issues with different airlines at some time if you travel. If we feel the need to make the problem known to those in authority then we write a letter. I agree with many of Mr. Becks comments on political and social issues, but he needs to stop using the airways to tell the world he was not treated kindly. He needs to grow up and realize he is not special and use the airways for real issues.

    • Mari

      Patty! you are right on point. Glen Beck just wants attention, any kind. If that wasn’t the case, he should’ve complained to the airline. Most ordinary people wouldn’t have the clout to retaliate publicly. And another point, his own behavior attracts disagreement. Plus, there are far more important issues than Mr. Beck’s feeling slighted.

      • ILoveAmerica

        @Patty and @Mari, Mr. Beck did complain to the airlines and they have yet (as of last night) responded to him. He is not “using the airways to tell the world he was not treated kindly”. He was simply telling a story about his weekend. Unlike most of us, Mr. Beck has a job where he can do that publicly. You should try listening to his radio show sometime or read his books. He has a pretty good grasp on issues that are more important.

  • http://yahoo susan

    I have listened to Mr Glenn Beck on numerous occasions. He has said things that I agreed with and disagreed with. However his personal treatment by the american airlines crew member was uncalled for. Even though Beck does not agree with others he does not treat them in a disrespectful manner. I do not think this is a direct reflection of all american airlines employees, that would be unfair. The one employee in question should be fired. And Mr Beck should reconsider his postion with AA. He would want the same consideration for himself.

  • Paul Thoms

    Teehee— I’ve been boycotting AA since they closed the hub in St. Louis, I guess I’ll have to star booking some flights with them again. Glen Beck got the treatment he deserved, I hope the steward gets no punishment at all. Beck is a swine.

    • http://Yahoo Jae Lee

      Paul Thorn, you are a swine and American is probably thankful to not have your service.

    • rs

      Way to be inclusive you hypocritical fool! It’s America, we still have freedom of speech…oh that’s right. According to Obamanation, it’s only free if it agrees w/you & your progressives.

  • http://Yahoo Jae Lee

    I am so sorry Glenn Beck that this happened to you. You are a very divisive figure but many of us love you. I think though that you should consider that this was one employee on American Airlines and he should be fired immediately. But the airlines have apoligized and you have said before that we should maybe accept a sincere apology. I don’t think I would ever give my money to the two restaurants. Service is their business, not politics. You are a nice man and deserve better.

  • Mari

    Glen Beck is divisive and delusional, and I arrive at my conclusions by listening and watching him for years, not believing snippits from anyone. He can dish it out, but sure expects to be treated with respect and reverence.

  • http://yahoo securedog

    Glenn Beck should already be on the NO FLY LIST!!!!

    • rs

      You & your bigoted lot are sickening!

  • Bill Bro

    If, like me, you believe an American Airlines flight attendant acted in a manner inconsistent with FAA regulations, it would be wise to lodge a complaint in writing, citing the date and AA flight number. If a flight attendant behaved erratically, the FAA should be promptly informed. I am a pilot. The FAA will investigate. Unfit crew members will not be permitted to continue flying, believe me. Report it now. Simply note “erratic behavior inconsistent with passenger comfort and safety.” The FAA will likely interview the entire crew to find the offender.

  • Micki

    What if Mr. Beck was choking? Does that mean that it would be ok to let him die because his political views are different? All people should be treated with common courtesy and respect. This is discrimination of political views and beliefs and I think somewhere in our great constitution it says you are free to express your own political and religious beliefs. Sorry but AA should have fired this employee and also any others that treat their paying customers with such disrespect. I will not use them in the future and you can bet many others feel the same way.

    • HJ

      He wasn’t choking though…. I think Beck needs to man up here. He spews controversial and at times irresponsible things on the airwaves, people will obviously react. It comes with the job, if he dishes it out then he’s gotta take it as well.

      The fact that people are willing to boycott an American airliner is dumb. Who cares what happens to Beck? You base your decisions on what happens to well known figures?

      If I was buying tickets to a destination, and American Airlines was offering the best price, I wouldn’t tell myself “oh they disrespected Beck I can’t support them…” ya no…

      Beck and other talking heads will not influence my decision on things personally.

      • JVB

        @HJ: I won’t touch Delta Airlines with a 10 foot pole because of their treatment of a friend of mine who is “unknown” to the general population. Trust me, if you are treated like crap, as a paying customer, you won’t give your patronage to that company again. Think about it.

      • Pam

        Doesn’t matter. When you are in the service industry, you provide service. If you are ignorant enough to be incapable of serving all customers, then you should not seek a career in the service industry. That flight attendant should be terminated immediately.

  • Winston

    We haven’t, and won’t, fly American Airlines when there are better alternatives. And, by the way, that male flight attendant should be “history” by now or it means American A/L accepts his rude and obnoxious behavior.

  • rs

    Stand up to them, Glenn…that guy should be fired!!! Can you imagine what they would do to him if you were a muslim??? These “all-inclusive” progressives always show their true colors, one way or another. I don’t agree with you all of the time, Glenn, but everyone has a right to be treated respectfully! Keep up the good work.

  • Martin

    You all need to see the article about the Downs Syndrome kid out of LAX that they would not let fly. Said he was a risk. Google it.

  • Deborah Anne Turner

    It appears Mr.Beck was not just treated rudely, but in an abusive manner. Mr. Beck did not respond in a less than courteous manner to this employee. I feel Mr. Beck is justified in bringing the behavior of this employee to the attention of the flying public. We have choices, I for will not patronize a company who abuses customers for any reason. There was also an instance of American Airlines refusing a family with a Down Syndrome Child to board a flight recently. We have a choice, my choice is to never Fly American Airlines again.

    • Scott Stewart

      Deborah, I didn’t know you were there to see all this go down….do tell us everything.

      Oh,what, you were’nt there? Then how do you know “Mr. Beck did not respond in a less than courteous manner to this employee”?

  • Robert Crandell

    People still use American Airlines?

    • Tom

      I know, right?

  • sdgakatbk

    The attendent was definitely unprofessional but at the same time, if a person stirs things up in a divisive way and are in the public eye the way he is, this kind of thing should not be a surprise.

    • km

      You obviously have never watched him.

      • JVB

        @km… a bleeding heart who can’t handle factually supported news? You poor baby. Here, have a cookie.

    • Pam

      @sdgakatbk – When you are in the service industry, you should be willing to provide excellent customer service, regardless of how you feel about any particular customer. If you can’t do that, you should be fired. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who are looking for work who would be more than happy to do a better job.

      • sdgakatbk

        @Pam-you are correct. If things happened the way it was reported here, he should lose his job. And I certainly do not criticise someone for discontinuing use of an airline, store, service or whatever when there has been bad/rude service. I have done this more than once myself.

        @km-I have heard him rant and verbally attack people on his radio show and online. When I hear pundits do this on *EITHER* side of the political spectrum, I turn off the show. I consider this part of a problem and I do not need to hear that or take it in. I would rather hear the point they want to make about a particular issue and their thinking. Unless the real point is that the other side is scum or something like this. I believe both sides have valid points and concerns on most issues.

        @JVB-see above (@km).

  • ERic

    The flight attendant should just do his job! Glenn is a paying customer and there desires to be treated with the same respect as anybody on the plane. The flight attendant is not acting professional and should lose his job.

  • Marcia

    I am planning to fly on American in the near future. I am so very glad there is absolutley no chance I will be sharing the plane with this……”person”

    While I don’t condone rudeness from anyone, if it were ever warranted, it would be in this case. So perhaps he has a tiny taste of what his words make others feel like when he spews his venom rather than discussing issues in a rational and civilized manner.

    • JVB

      @Marcia you are nothing short of pathetic. No one cares what you consider to be venom. If your lack of intelligence and biased, kindergarten, views allow you to treat a person, with differing views, like trash then you are sick in your heart and in your soul if you even have one. I hope you have a miserable encounter, as a paying customer, in a public place. People like you make me sick. Have a great day.

    • JOyce Gregory

      And just WHAT vemonous remarks are you referring to? Glenn Beck has been a beacon of light and helpfulness to the American people and the American way of life. Just what you are referring to is beyond me. Maybe you have the wrong Beck.

    • Pam

      Please explain to me Marcia, why it is warranted EVER for a paying customer to be treated rudely? In every job I held in the service industry, we were told to always be polite and give excellent service to all customers. If this flight attendant can’t do that due to his own political bias, he needs to find another job.

  • Scott Stewart

    When does this guy just go away?

    Please, for the love of God, go away Beck.

  • http://yahoo.com Linda

    he Glen don,t let the jerks of the world get you dowb, american is known for being rude and acting like you should be glad to have a ticket to ride bull

  • apolakay

    People get the same treatment as they do to others. Having listened to some of Mr. Beck’s airwave tantrums I am not at surprised at the way he was treated by this individual. As the cliche goes, “what comes around goes around”.

    • Pam

      Again, doesn’t matter. This individual does not have the right to choose who does and who does not deserve service. His job is to provide service to ALL paying customers whether he likes them or now.

  • John

    Beck is right about American. Really bad and even deceptive people. My bag was rifled and items stolen. You would have thought I was the thief.

  • Captain America

    Glen Beck is a total azzwipe and should be treated as such everywhere he goes. He craps all over our society like an unbroken house pet. It is our duty to rub his nose in it. Suck it up tough guy.

    • chuck

      thats the airline i will fly nowon

    • JVB

      @Captain America. Are you braindead or just a useless, unemployed, product of the far left? Anyone who is incapable of swallowing the facts, that undermine everything our current administration does, is just a pathetic, little, puppet wearing a pair of the proverbial rose colored glasses mailed courtesy of the socialist left. Change your name, Einstein. You depict absolutely nothing that makes America great. You can go cry to big daddy in the White House now. :)

  • Rick

    Beck is a freakish oddball. Are their repercussions for being obnoxious? Part of a machine including Fox and Rush that preach intolerance, propaganda and facilitae misery war and death. Its no exaggeration that people die from the stupidity of the GOP. Vote to keep the Koch Brothers rich and beck goes on air and puts out paranoia to his fellow idiots. STOMP on Beck, swear at Rush and call Bush Rumsfeld and Cheney war criminals and take Fox off the air

    • Tom

      It’s good to see objective, clear thinkers such as yourself expressing their opinions.

      America’s future is bright!

      (I know, I know, sarcasm is lost on people like Rick, more’s the pity).

  • Mark

    Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and Glen Beck not getting his soda opened. The three big tragedies in American history. You reap what you sow, Glen.

  • rhonda

    I don’t care if you like Beck or not. Beck should have been treated like the other passengers on the plane and especially in- front of his children The flight moron should be fired! You have a problem with Beck then call his radio show and tell him off!

  • surscheler

    American Airlines is one of the worst airlines ever most probably because of their unions. I fly this airline only because there is no other choice. Their customer service is horrible to non existent. I have nver had a flight on American that went smoothly. The are used to going in markets low balling , running the competition out of business then jacking up the rates to twice or three times what they were while the service gets worse. My hope is that if they get bought out by United and the unions are out of it, hopefully their customer service will get better.

  • American Splendor

    I think we should wait until we get the facts. People like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh like to stretch the truth (or outright lie) about things so until we get all the facts we cannot simply take his word for it.

    If it turns out that Glenn Beck is right then I will be the first one to call American Airlines crap. But this just stinks to me of Glenn Beck looking for attention

  • Toby

    Beck dishes it out to everyone who doesn’t think like him. He makes his money being mean spirited and pretending to poison politicians he doesn’t agree with.

    Opening your own soda? Poor freaking baby. He’s lucky he’s not in prison for inciting violence against people.

    • Pam

      When exactly did he incite violence. Admittedly, I’ve rarely listened to him, but I’ve never heard of him inciting violence.

  • Mark

    Beck is such a tool! I’ve never flown American, but I will now.

    • Pam

      Because they gave him bad service? That shouldn’t be done to anyone that paid for a ticket, and I’ll probably look elsewhere for transportation. To allow anyone to be treated like that regardless of their political views tells me that this flight attendant should seek a career in another industry. Bad customer service is bad customer service.

      • mister


        • jane

          If the rude flight attendant belongs to the flight attendants’ union, I imagine his job is safe, no matter how awful he acts.

  • http://roadrunner dorothy

    i liked hedys response we all have rights and they should be respected

    • Hedy Soreco

      Thank you.

  • Robert

    I will avoid American Airlines whenever possible. I have written to American Airlines to express my displeasure. I encourage everyone to write to American Airlines and to avoid flying with them.

    • Laugh Out Loud

      Baaa Baaa Baaa

      Good sheep, good sheep. No, wait: BAD sheep, BAD sheep! How can you boycott Uh-MUR-i-cuhn Airlines, the patriotic flag carrier for our skies? How can this be??!! Oh, Lord: the dismantling of our country is even worse than we thought…..

      • http://webpronews richard fisher

        Seems like if you hear from other people about beck. It must be true..don’t always agree with him but do always research his topics and hes usually way ahead of the useless state owned press who are enablers for those that they like

  • Jasime

    I tend to avoid AA if left with reasonable alternate schedules but now I will go out of my way not to use them.

    AA filed bankruptcy late 2011 and sour employees like this gentleman are part of the equation. Enjoy your unemployment as you reflect back on how you let your personal bias ruin your employers reputation.

  • Perry

    if i were the attendant i would have dumped it on you…subhuman?…you mean how black people have been treated ever since early “Americans” brought us here?…it sucks being treated like that, huh?

    • liz peters

      it was your brothers who sold you not us. get plugged in….it is not all about you even thou you think it is. get a job get your own money. quit breeding.

      • Laugh Out Loud

        Wow, Liz: Glenn Beck couldn’t have said it better. Oh, and while you’re at it, please take your own advice and remember not to breed. The Republican Party has enough rock slitherers like you to last a lifetime.

  • evelyn

    Customer service should not reflect one’s political impressions. As an employee we need to reflect the values of our company and if we cannot, then we should move on. It is disappointing that didn’t happen.

  • Chris

    I agree that the flight attendant should have not treated Mr Beck in this manner but I still will fly AA. There are thousands of great employees that work for AA. If we let the actions of one employee change our opinion of a company, we’d never shop anywhere, use any cell phone service provider, have a checking account with a bank……you see where I’m going?

  • chris

    Bravo AA – I will ride you anytime I can. Beck is the lowest form of life we have on our planet.

    • mister

      Great remark. So we can assume you would spit in his food if you were a cook or key his card if you were a parking lot attendant
      just because he is who he is?

    • Tom

      Not only that, but we have carte blanche to do the same to you, because your opinions don’t agree with mine!

  • arthur

    if anyone remembers he said barbara walters was rude to him she confronted him on her show he had lied you need to figure were your source of news comes from and then decide if its true check out youtube its on there

  • Laugh Out Loud

    I love it! American Airlines is embarking on a new campaign to fill up its planes in bankruptcy by getting rid of the smug, self-important bastards like Glenn Beck and Alec Baldwin that make it such a pain to fly in the first place. Way to go, American! Who’s next? Kanye West?

    On a more serious note (or not), I’m sure the flight attendant’s treatment of Beck had everything to do with Beck’s political views and nothing at all to do with the fact that he’s a pompous, arrogant windbag. I’m looking forward to flying on American, now that Beck and his low-IQ idiot followers won’t be on board.

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