Glenn Beck Boycott: American Airlines In The Hotseat

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Glenn Beck isn’t known for keeping his opinions to himself, so when he’s unhappy with a service, the people in charge are going to know about it.

Beck says he was treated rudely on an American Airlines flight recently just because of who he is, and that the flight attendant refused to open his drink for him or speak politely even though that courtesy was given to every other passenger.

“My flight attendant nearly ?? merely barked the word “breakfast” when he came to me,” he said on his show. “When others were politely asked if they cared for anything to eat and given the choices, I was just barked at. When he delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin. By the way, the other passengers, nobody else had to open their can. He opened it and poured it for them. Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even a neutral word to me. I had service unlike I have never had ever before in my life, and I have had rude service before. I lived in New York City. I have never had service that was specifically designed to make me feel subhuman. Oh, I had it. He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America.”

Apparently the flight attendant wasn’t the first person to give Beck grief during that trip; he was also treated rudely in two different restaurants, and feels he didn’t do anything to invite those actions other than be himself. That conclusion was driven home when he realized the attendant hadn’t treated Beck’s family the same way.

“While he treated me as a subhuman, he treated my children nicely. So as I was deplaning, as he was standing next to the pilot, I said to him, “I want to sincerely thank you for not treating my children the way you treated me.” His response? “It was my pleasure. You deserved it.”

American Airlines has reached out to Beck via Twitter and says they are taking his experience very seriously, but Beck says he won’t be back.

“My family will never choose American Airlines again … if this is the kind of people that American Airlines likes to hire,” Beck said.


Glenn Beck Boycott: American Airlines In The Hotseat
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  • andrew

    he should just stay home

  • http://yahoo Rich

    Poor Glenn! Everyone is out to get him because he is a conned-servant!

  • http://www.sunnysfunnys.com Janet

    Mr. Beck is not the only person who receives rude treatment by the airlines. I had my service dog with me when coming back from Dallas and one steward told me I had to stay befind. When I let him know that was okay I did not mind, and ask what hotel they were going to put me in and for my food vouchers and my car, he changed his mind and suddenly I was allowed on board.
    Then the last time on my way to Des Moine, IA on a different airline I was wheelchair ridden and the attendant did not show up, I was put at the wrong gate, missed my flight, shuffled to an other flight, which they did not let me go on due to overbooking, then finally when the third flight showed up as overbooked, I on purpose sat where they told me not to, when they said they would call security, I said good and please call the press too. There was a moment of silence they suddenly they had an opening on that flight. When I boarded the other passengers applauded. Mr. Beck just stand up for your rights and you will do fine.

  • dan lightner

    I will never use American Airlines either. Liberals preach tolerance until they meet someone they don’t agree with. American cannot allow this type of behavior.

    • ron

      Liberals do try to preach tolerance, and sometimes don’t follow through…As opposed to the anti-tolerance preached last week at GOP convention. In this case the conservatives ARE probably more honest, they don’t believe in tolerance, nor equal rights for ALL…

      • Randi Young

        You think the conservative right is MORE tolerant than the liberal left??? You REALLY need to turn off Faux News and read a book!!! Sounds to me like you’re a part of the problem in this country. And for the record, I’m not even liberal.

  • Bryan

    I will never Use this Airline either just because of this.

  • Ryan Mergen

    So, the man who preaches division and hate has experienced some of the hate his divisiveness has caused, and now he’s wimpering along with a ‘well, I never…’ attitude. I got news for you Becky-poo- there’s tons of people that don’t like you, and I’ll bet some of them cook your meals. You should watch ‘The Help’ again, Mr. Two Slice. There are consequences to the blathering hate you preach, and urine for it now!!!

    • Jon

      I love all these people acting like how you feel as an individual should be allowed to interfere with your job. You’re a flight attendant, you have a duty to be hospitable and courteous, even if it’s someone you hate. There are plenty of people who are rude and deserving of this treatment on flights, and it’s utter bullshit that it’s ok that someone who wasn’t rude got this treatment simply because of his beliefs.

  • rob

    because you`re dbag that`s why they treated you like that , i will always use the american airlines .

  • skylar duncan

    Suck it up Glen…stop using any excuse for publicity. You are an AH and deserve to be treated as you treat others.

  • Tony

    Glenn lets see how American handles your case. Maybe they will do the right thing.

  • http://google Jim

    Any employee whose job it is to deal directly with our citizens on behalf of their employer and who acts in that manner to anyone, much less a celeb like Glen Beck, should be summarily canned. If he is not, it speaks volumes about that employers values.

  • Ruf

    Glenn who?

  • David

    I thought it was about boycotting Beck. I was all for that.

    • Randi Young

      Ha! Me too, David! I was laughing as I clicked the link, only to be slightly let down when I got here. Although, it’s pretty funny… ‘Waaaaahhh… that steward didn’t open my drink!’

  • larry

    Now I know which airline to ALWAYS choose – American – since the obnoxious Mr. Beck will not be on the plane. He treats so many people disrepectfully because of who they are and what they believe in but when someone does it to him, it’s not fair. boo hoo.

  • Arron

    And Conservatives preach tolerance, unless they do something that they disagree with. Beck has been plenty rude to plenty of people who did not deserve it. He’s the kettle calling the pot black.

  • Danny Baugh

    He’s crying and complaining that he was treated subhuman. Thats because the bastard is subhuman.

    • michael herring

      Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect while using an airline’s services, even if they are an obnoxious jerk!

      • Randi Young

        I can somewhat understand where you’re coming from, Michael. But at the same time, he treats anyone who disagrees with him as subhuman… What does he expect? And it really doesn’t sound like he was treated that badly at all. His biggest complaint was that his server didn’t open his drink for him–that’s a little pathetic.

  • YeahRytt

    This from the same guy who said on his radio show that Barbra Walters and Whoopi Goldberg kept him from getting a seat on an Amtrak train because they had reserved all the empty ones, THEN came on “The View” only to admit that he made the whole story up……Hmmm.

  • joann

    I think when you are rude person by nature others treat you rude. Maybe he should lead by example.

  • Bob

    So according to Glen, He was also treated rude in several other places.
    Glen, Isn’t that telling you something?__ People don’t like you! Including me.

  • ron

    Beck gets on the radio and formerly TV with his conspiracy theories and name calling daily. He will and has said anything that comes to his mind, regardless of how few if any facts support him, or whom he may insult or hurt.
    Now he is upset because of how was treated.Did the man call him a NAZI?, Communist, socialist?….etc….He and others like him, Rush, persist in believing their comments and insults publicly broadcast exist in a vacuum….

    • Jon

      So if you’re a political commentator that’s your job 24/7? This is what’s disgusting about modern politics and the people who follow them. WHAT PEOPLE SAY IS NOT JUSTIFICATION FOR MISTREATMENT. Instead of being a bitch whenever scapegoats get what you think they had coming, how about you focus your anger towards people who actually commit horrific acts and don’t just say horrific things? Still plenty of people left to hate on, I promise.

  • My

    He just got treated the way he treats everyone else. So whats the problem?

    • Arturo Gutierrez

      it takes an asshole for an asshole!

  • Adam

    Glenn Beck is a hate monger who should be publicly shamed. He treats everyone that is not like him with disdain and disregard and I’m glad he gets a taste of his own medicine every once in a while. Some say “liberals preach tolerance….” Its hard to be tolerant of ignorant hate preachers like Beck and quite frankly, no one should have to be tolerant of such folks.

  • mostafa

    LOL i wished i was working on that plane i would treat him like garbage because that`s what a hater deserves .

  • Robert

    I wonder why Glen is not loved by all Americans? He is so nice to everybody on his talk show. Not a bad word ever comes out of his mouth about anyone. He has never insulted anyone ever. I mean geez whiz.

    He should be treated like he treats Liberals on his show. You reap you you sow sir!

    • Randi Young

      You are SO right! Karma serves everyone equally. Perhaps he should have considered that before acting like a psycho. He’s a hateful derogatory person who deserves anything he gets in return.

    • Carl N

      Robert, It is obivous what side you are. 1 A liberal & 2 Never watched or heard Glenn Beck. Drinking the kool-aid of the democratic party.

  • the truth

    So thats how gay people act against someone they dont like

    just shows how militant the Dem party is

    no wonder the KKK’s root are in the Dem party ( look it up loser lefty)

    • Robert

      How did ‘Gay’ come into this? I didn’t read that anywhere.

    • Gary Van Soosten

      the truth! Please This is the way all gay people act? Of course GB never gives attitude! He is usually in such a sterile environment that his handlers keep him away from criticism! His success and wealth are tributes to the stupidity & ignorance of right wingers. He couldn’t even make it at FOX he was so off the wall! If you act like an ass like he does your going to get negative feedback .He has the right to his opinions but this is the price he pays for his extreme opinions!

  • Francois Roger Rudebeaux III

    GB is a dim witted DOOFUS. He is sooooo TYPICAL of the MORONIC mindset of soooooo many PATHETIC PUbbie putzes and other assorted conservo KOOKS and creeps!

    Btw, the Demmo Convention is ROCKIN’! You PATHETIC PUbbie putzes are gonna be a footnote-small one at that-once the convention is over!

    BHO fo’ano’fo’!

  • Angela

    That attendant should lose his job. The customer always come first.
    For those on this site that say Glenn is rude. He is not. He voices his opinions strongly, and if you don’t agree with them you call him rude.
    I have seen Beck at book publishing events and there were hecklers (few) in the crowd and he was polite and smiled at all.

  • karen

    you reap what you sow. how can you be surprised when you’re rude and insulting to so many people that one day you may get it back??

    • james

      It is not the job of the attendant (employee for someone else) to determine who he shows courtesy to. I fyou are one of those people who decide the kind of servie you provide people is based on who they are – then you are a bigot. I am sure you will only be polite to certain color people and only talk to someone who has the same language/accent as you do. At least your friends at the cross-burnings are accepting of your behavior.

    • james

      let me know the next time someone DARES to treat Al Aharpton with anything less than saintlyhood, lest they themselves be branded a 1950’s racist….

  • Matt

    Glen – Good luck!!! I will no Fly American Also!!!

  • Glenn S.

    I’m not a GB fan; far from it. However, he should be treated with the respect that every customer deserves.

  • Scootie

    Like him or not he deserves the same customer service as anyone else on the plane. I work in a customer service position and encounter many people that I don’t like and disagree vehemently with however as a representative of my company I still have to provide the same service to the likeable and the unlikeable.

  • http://msn.com carol

    The people that have been responding to glen in disrespect, are the people that don’t understand, what he trying to tell us about the goverment, and other important people that talk to us like we are stupid,he is only telling us the truth about what the goverment is covering up, because they think we DON’T need to no the truth !!!!!!!! I think Glenn Beck is wonderfull,for all the truth he would bring up on his tv show.I would vote for Glenn Beck for anything, anytime !!! BUT !! that is only my opinion, GOD, is the only one that can judge people, I don’t think he handed any of you that JOB !!!

    • Randi Young

      Glenn Beck wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit him in the face.

  • Larry

    Time to put on some big boy pants, Glenn. You dish it out all the time…. Now you’re worried about a double standard?

    • Phil

      I agree, he can bash anyone and everyone, but say the wrong thing about him and he whines that he is getting treated “badly”. Belly up to the bar, Beck and grow up!

    • Randi Young

      Exactly! Hate breeds hate. The sooner conservative extremists (notice that I’m not saying this of ALL right-wingers) realize that nothing good comes from divisiveness and hatred, the better off this country will be!!

  • jojo

    hey beck, how about boycotting AA for sending good paying american jobs to china?

  • Nate

    First of all, let’s make it perfactly clear that American Airlines is a leftist libreral airlines. Second American airline will grant passage to an Arab terroist before the will let anyone with a diability on board so yes, American Airlines absolutly should not only be boycotted but should be put completely out of business.

  • loiscicero

    No one cares what Beck thinks. We are tired of his mouth.

  • Greg

    Got to love all the libatards, the party of “peace” and “love”, who hates those who disagree with what they believe, who want to harm those with the same rights as they do, to say and do the things to be hateful to all people. Yes I said all people, they lie to all, and believe the lies.
    Quit listening to media mutters.

  • Suzy

    American Airlines just became my new favorite airlines.

  • Jim Arellano

    Glen Beck was more than likely acting like the jurk he is.

  • Ron

    Well with Mr. Beck’s tendency to exaggerate who knows what really happened. I’m not fond of any of the big carriers but I would not boycott due to Mr. Beck’s treatment, true or not.

  • Tommy Lee Jones

    I thought Glen was going blind, when is that gonna take place? I feel sorry for his guide dog when it does, poor pooch will not have a good life.

  • Dave

    SPILL A DRINK ON HIM WHILE WEARING A SMILE!! Rather than being “rude” to Beck, perhaps servers and flight attendants across the world could “mistakenly” spill a glass of red wine on him. A national campaign of this sort would be wonderful!

  • mike

    beck has been treating other races like they were sub-human for years . nice to see him get a little this time. really sucks when a guy who lives to be in a completely controlled environment decides to ride like a normal person and gets treated like he treats others. I applaud the flight attendant, his convictions were worth more than his job. to bad back will kiss anybody’s butt who will pay him enough to do it

    • Stan

      You liberals really show your true colors in situations like this. I don’t care for Beck at all, but it is so funny how tolerant you people claim to be and yet show absolutely no common decency in a situation like this. This says much more about you than it does Beck! Probably all you know about Beck is from what you read about in the New York Times or some other CFR publication… If you ever learn to think for yourself you’d be surprised at how wonderful life can be!

    • hawaiianninja

      You obviously don’t listen to Glenn Beck at all. Glenn has never disparaged ANY race at all. He is, IMHO, anti-socialistic and anti-communistic, and anti-violence. He is also very pro-respect. He can be a little preachy at times, but it comes from a passion for “liberty” and “freedom”–both important American values.

  • harpman

    Not a fan of Mr. Beck but regardless, customers, ALL CUSTOMERS, should expect courtesy and respect.
    The flight attendant was wrong and a reprimand, suspension and warning is in order.

  • Dan

    If this guy gets fired from American, I will hire him. Hey Glen, you compared progressives and liberals to nazis. If I saw you on the plane, I would have poured the drink on your head. You were lucky.

    • Stan

      You’ve just proven your incredible tolerance… perhaps Beck’s so-called comparison to a Nazi is true in your case since you are showing yourself to be so unwilling to see him treated with common decency… Funny how the liberal true colors really shine in moments like these… What’s even funnier is that you probably will never see yourself as intolerant when you are the poster child for intolerance… what a complete buffoon!!! PS: I hope you spill your drink! OOF! You dolt!

  • Ray Workman

    It appears that Glen Beck can dish it out, but he can’t take it. If I were serving him on that flight he would be lucky that we didn’t hit turbulance and a new can of tomato juice didn’t spill all over him. “Oh, my, did I do that?”
    Glen, just take a long walk, off a short pier!

    • R

      Beck is a little, soft, whiney wuss that would be better off staying in the company of people like falin palin, Suck it up glenn….put on your big boy pants and live with it…….oh, can’t find the big boy pants…..not surprised.

    • Paco

      So, moron, does this mean that since I am conservative I can have accidents with gays, libs, etc. in my line of work? Seems to me you are justifying all sorts of “isms” here.

      Jerk. Typical idiot lib response.

  • Honest Alice

    The flight attendant was obviously liberal and gay. Beck is an asshole though, so I guess they cancel each other out.

    • Kathryn Paquette

      There is no evidence in this article that this flight attendant was gay. There was only evidence that it was a liberal male who personalized his attitude toward a passenger with insulting actions. Mr. Beck handled his irritation with great control, and tried to express his non-combative position by thanking the man for,t least, not taking it out on his family, as well. If American Airline accepts this male flight attendant’s actions as acceptible, people have every right to refuse to use their service for fear that something they believe, say, or do will trigger a similar response.

    • Syed Rizvi

      As you sow, so shall you reap.

  • Geri Cook

    Whatever happened to the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do UNTO YOU. It takes self-discipline to show decency to others when you feel animosity toward them. The male flight attendant should be dismissed, as his behavior was childishly rude. I think it was cruel to behave as he did in front of GB’s children. I hope American Airlines does the right thing in this case, as the FA was out of control.

    • billcasey

      I think I would have accepted the fact that American Airlines cannot be responsible for the opinions of others however; they are responsible.

  • http://yahoo Patricia Dunham

    I will never fly American again and would like to tell the person that called Glenn Beck a jerk that if he was as passionate about his views as Glenn is about being moral and right he would probably be called a jerk too

    • http://yahoo Patricia Dunham

      What has happened to the morals of this world what used to be right is wrong and what used to be wrong is right WAKE UP PEOPLE can you NOT see the BIG picture here.

    • http://yahoo Patricia Dunham

      That funny you cant even put your real name I would be ashamed too you hater of our God and earth

  • downwithjugears

    You dizzy Ngah turned inside out. I stopped all your BS when you had that Love-in at the capital and kissed the Martin Lucifer Queen followers until you sickened a Maggot. And where the Hell did you get the guy to super-impose that Jockey into Washington’s Boat crossing the Delaware. I use to go under that Picture every day I attended school for 12 years and no Ngah was in that boat anymore than one that fought in the Civil War until it was practically over.

  • Robyn

    I’m just wondering how he got an entire can of soda? My last 10+ flights I only got a little plastic cup full…not the whole can.

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