Glen Campbell Cancels Tour, Issues New Video Online

    July 18, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Glen Campbell, the singer/guitarist who has released 52 studio albums and 81 singles over the course of his career, has been forced to cancel his tour of Australia and New Zealand, according to reports. Citing health issues, Campbell will forgo the rest of his scheduled international gigs, which was part of his “Goodbye Tour”, which also featured Kenny Rogers. In order to fill the void left by the talented musician, country music artists John Williamson, Beccy Cole, Lee Kernaghan, Troy Cassar-Daley and Sara Store have been tapped to take his place.

In June of 2011, Campbell announced that he intended to release one more album, “Ghost on the Canvas”, which he would support with a final farewell tour. However, the singer’s battle with Alzheimer’s is rumored to have taken an unfortunate turn for the worse, which ultimately makes him unfit for travel. Kenny Rogers website refused to comment on Campbell’s cancellation.

In addition to the tour and the aforementioned album, Campbell also released a video for the song “A Better Place”, which finds the country music legend taking stock of his life and career. Also included in the piece is a special message for his legion of devoted fans, many of whom have followed the musician for decades.

Campbell’s talents don’t begin and end with his music career. In 1969, John Wayne hand-picked Campbell to co-star with him in the western classic “True Grit”. He was also the host of the CBS variety program ” The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour”, as well as the voice of Chanticleer in the animated feature “Rock-a-Doodle”.

For more information about Campbell, stop by his official website. The video for “A Better Place” has been embedded below.

  • M. R. Badour

    Most of the youth (20 – 30’s) will have little to no knowledge of this gifted entertainer. However, for those countless millions who grew up listening to Mr. Campbell, he will forever be a legend. A true sign that a musician is worthy of this status, are the songs that we replay in our minds regardless of the years in between. Those emotional lyrics & beautiful melodies that bring back memories, like gazing into a starry sky. Mr. Campbell’s choice of songs, his body of work allowed for all of the above. “Mary in the Morning”, “Wichita Lineman”, “By the Time I get to Phoenix” “True Grit” all hauntingly beautiful compositions. All timeless pieces and lasting works of art. It is truly sad to see an entertainment Idol , stricken with a chronic debilitating disease such as Alzheimer’s. I have a father who was diagnosed with this disease, same time frame as Glen similar stage. The fear can be overwhelming!. I pray that Glen’s condition doesn’t worsen rapidly and that he finds peace in the months to come. May God bless and be with you Glen! Thank you for the gift of song, Thank You for the lasting memories!!

  • VicktheChick

    Alzheimer’s and so many other diseases we are being taught to just “accept” are totally preventable with proper nutrition and the AVOIDING of Big Pharma crap drugs. Statin drugs CAUSE Alzheimer’s — it didn’t even EXIST in the turn of the century in any form. You NEED a little good cholesterol every day because MOST of your brain is MADE of cholesterol. We also NOW know most Americans ARE vitamin D deficient which Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling said years ago but was promptly labeled a quack. PEOPLE LABELED QUACKS ARE USUALLY PEOPLE WHO THREATEN BIG BUSINESS WITH THE TRUTH! Don’t get cancer. Take vitamins and NOT that centrum crap either…