Glee's 100th Episode: Gleeks Choose The Mixes


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Glee, the popular FOX musical television series about the lives of William McKinley High School's show choir students will soon reach its 100th episode. This milestone comes at a bittersweet time because of the recent death of Cory Monteith; however, as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on, and Glee's popular success shall be celebrated as it reaches its 100th episode.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Glee's 100th episode will broadcast on March 18th, 2014, and not only will the production team be responsible for the songs included in the show's 100th episode, but you, the viewers, will be able to help decide the "remixes" for the upcoming milestone episode as well.

Fans of the show (a.k.a. "Gleeks") can log into the voting site using their Facebook accounts on FOX's Gleek's Choice Page where they can vote 10 times for any number of their favorite routines. Some of the well-known routines listed on the Gleek's Choice Page are: Bad Romance, Don't Stop Believin', Forget You (feat. Gywneth Paltrow), Imagine, Roar (feat. Demi Lovato / Adam Lambert), Valerie, and We Are Young. Many other fan favorites are listed on Glee's voting page as well.

(Image source: Screen shot of Gleeks Choice, taken by Chad Sweely)

The announcement of this milestone was posted on Glee's official Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Various Gleeks on Twitter have expressed their opinions concerning the 100th episode of Glee:

[Image source: YouTube screen shot]