Give Your Questions A Week’s Vacation!

    June 12, 2003

Dear Cathy: I am really ready for a new career, new residence and a new life. But I can’t decide what to do! Some days I think I’d like to take a year off and do nothing. Other days I want to go back to school for a degree in forestry. Sometimes I want to start my own business as a management consultant or a dog trainer. My mind keeps going in circles. How do I decide what to do next? Signed: Exhausted

Dear Exhausted:

There are all kinds of ways to figure out your next step. Aptitude tests will probably show you are very, very good at what you’re doing now. Coaches with life experience can design creative exercises to help you sort out your options.

However, before we begin to explore your next move, I am going to give you the one suggestion my clients resist most.

When you’ve been tossing and turning, your mind goes in circles and your intuition usually shuts down. Your question has been working really hard to take over your mind. It deserves a vacation! At least a week — and a month is not too long.

And where do you send your question for a vacation? To creativity camp, of course! Begin a creative project. If your day job involves numbers, work with words and images. If you work with words, find nonverbal ways to express your ideas and your feelings.

And if you’ve been stressed, isolated, under pressure or otherwise miserable, you may have forgotten how to have fun. So your next assignment is to do something totally frivolous and/or self-indulgent every day. When you add a daily dose of joy to your life, the results can seem miraculous.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., is an author, speaker and career/business consultant. Your Next Move Ezine: Read one each week and watch your choices grow!