Giuliana Rancic’s Best SAG Awards Red Carpet Interviews

By: Jerrica Tisdale - January 19, 2014

Giuliana Rancic interviews contain a little cheese, lots of fun and many weird encounters. Sometimes they’re more entertaining than the actual award shows. At the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards’ red carpet, Rancic showed her talent for creating quick witty remarks.

Rancic did three really memorable SAG interviews last night. They showed her energetic interviewing style and the playful sides of her interviewees.

#3. Cate Blanchett Flirts with Rancic


Rancic revealed her obsession with Cate Blanchett, which sparked quick quips between the women. “I’m married,” Blanchett responded to Rancic’s praises. To which Rancic replied with fake disappointment. Then Blanchett questioned the camera crew about panning to the bottom of her dress, she found that action odd. Next Rancic pointed out the other ridiculous things they do, like placing a tiara on the camera. Later in their discussion, Blanchett admitted she kept an Armani suit she bought with her first major pay check. “I wore it so much it’s threadbare,” Blanchett told Rancic.

An unexpected visit from Kevin Spacey, who planned to “Video bomb” Blanchett, ended the interview. The friends and co-stars appeared in The Shipping News together in 2001.

#2. Jennifer Lawrence’s “armpit vagina”


Jennifer Lawrence did her usual slightly awkward interview at this year’s SAG red carpet. Rancic asked Lawrence about her dress, and she mentioned her arm fat. As the interview continued, she called it her “armpit vagina.” Then Rancic changed the subject to Lawrence’s Taylor Swift photo bombing incident from the Golden Globes. Lawrence gave a playful lashing to “Tom with the bowtie” for not telling her that the cameras were rolling during the Golden Globes red carpet.

#1. An Unexpected Love Connection


Rancic’s best interview involved a Game of Thrones star and a rock star. Emilia Clarke found herself suddenly in the arms of Jared Leto while trying to leave an interview. Leto commented on how beautiful Clarke’s eyes were and wouldn’t let her go during it. Rancic was so amused by the incident that she let Clarke interview Leto for a while. Later in the interview, Rancic revealed her unexpected connection to Leto, their siblings dated when Rancic was thirteen.

She later mentioned this interview to Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves.

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