Gisele Bundchen Unveils World Cup Trophy

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Gisele Bundchen unveiled the World Cup trophy in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. The supermodel and wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was no doubt beyond disappointed that the trophy wasn't going to her homeland team--Brazil--but that certainly hasn't stopped her from having lots of fun.

It was just prior to the start of the World Cup final between Argentina and Germany that Gisele Bundchen joined Spain's Carles Puyol for the official trophy unveiling. Bundchen even considered for a moment keeping the trophy either for herself or for her Brazilian team, but then thought better of it instead. She definitely would have caused quite a stir if she had tried absconding with it--don't you think?

It was only an hour after unveiling the trophy that Gisele was clearly enjoying herself--sharing her 'heart' for her beloved sport--and her country--on her Facebook page.

About an hour ago she posted again--cheering on her favorite team.

On Saturday Gisele Bundchen's Brazilian boys (could Tom Brady be even the tiniest bit jealous?) lost to Netherlands in the third place game, just days after Germany beat them 7-1.

How many people in those stands do you suppose were distracted by the sight of Gisele Bundchen, and spent more time looking at her than at the World Cup final?

Gisele Bundchen wasn't the only celebrity in the crowds, however. Rihanna was there, as were David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher. Shakira performed for the teams and their fans.

Do you suppose any of these celebrities drew the kind of attention a supermodel draws?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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