Girls Tv Show Star Talks Glamour and Golden Globes


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Season 3 of Girls’ promotional tour took off fully this week with cast members appearing on various talk shows. Girls’ new season starts tomorrow night on HBO at 10pm EST. Zosia Mamet, who plays eccentric Shoshana, sat down with Chelsea Lately host, Chelsea Handler, to discuss the upcoming season. The conversation quickly departed from Girls to Mamet’s personal life.

Handler seemed a little shocked by how normal Zosia is in comparison to her character. The interview later turned into a discussion on Mamet’s name on the show, because Handler never met a Shoshana besides her sister. This prompts Mamet to tell a story about meeting someone on MySpace who shared her first name.

Eventually, Mamet revealed that she will be a columnist for Glamour magazine. Her Glamour editor gave her an open invite to talk anytime she needs to. Mamet recounted her belief that she would only contact the editor once in a while. In reality, she contacts her daily. One day on the subway, Mamet saw women with varying shapes of eyebrows. One woman made them “pointy" by shaving them. Mamet thought after seeing those eyebrows that it would be a good topic on how they define women. She contacted her editor about doing a piece on eyebrow evolution.

Then the conversation quickly shifted to Girls’ Golden Globe win last year. During the Golden Globes, Mamet remembered how the food removal and replacement with alcohol. “Wait um I’m sorry, can I eat that? And they said ‘no,’ so all that is left is these large bottles of champagne,” Mamet revealed to Hander.

Mamet expressed joy about getting along with her costars so well, to which Handler replied "give it time."

To see if Girls wins their second Golden Globe tune into the live broadcast Sunday night at 8pm EST.


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