Girl, 9, Loses 66 Pounds After Being Bullied

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Girl, 9, Loses 66 Pounds After Being Bullied
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The issue of childhood obesity has become a strong talking point for many in recent years, with organizations set up to help introduce school-age children to better exercise and eating habits. With technology moving as quickly as it has in the past decade, kids need guidance more than ever on how to put down the MP3 players, tablets, laptops, and smartphones and get active.

When obesity sets in at an early age, it’s especially important to change certain habits in order to keep lifelong issues from developing, such as diabetes. At 189 pounds, 9-year old Breanna Bond was bullied at school and facing health problems when her mother stepped in and changed the entire family’s day-to-day activities, as well as their diet.

“Everybody at school would call me names,” Breanna said of her bullies. “They would call me fatty, they would call me fat head.”

That soon changed, however, with daily walks and the introduction of a treadmill into the family’s routine. Breanna also changed her caloric intake and watched the amount of fat she was consuming, resulting in a 66-pound weight loss. It has truly become a lifestyle change, and led to Breanna joining school sports rather than being left out because of her size.

“She is an inspiration to the world and all children who are having weight issues across America, that you can do it with a pair of tennis shoes and motivation,” her mother, Heidi, said. “It’s totally changed the course of her whole life.”

Image: ABC News

Girl, 9, Loses 66 Pounds After Being Bullied
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  • confused

    How can everyone applaud the parents in this situation?? This little girl wasnt over weight because of her own choices, it is the parents responsibility to watch what she was doing and eating to begin with. I can give credit to the mother for making the change, but she was only fixing her own problem. Please don’t send a message to parents that if they screw up that they will be praised for cleaning up after themselves…

    • http://yahoo Christine

      STOP blaming the parents!!!! They didn’t open her clenched jaws and force her to eat twinkies. I applaud them, because they finally changed THEIR entire lifestyle to help the girl lose weight. This probably made all the difference in the world to making her successful on her mission. STOP blaming the parents. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their problems.

    • Whatever

      Dear Mr or Mrs. Perfect,

      Not everyone can live a mistake free life like you do. Why don’t you focus your anger on those that choose not to correct their mistakes instead of those that at least recognize them before it’s too late. Give them a break! You are the reason why people or children have these problems. Your standards are way too high and expect perfection from everyone. I suggest taking a long hard look at yourself before throwing stones at others.

      • Trish

        AMEN!! Some people think they are so perfect-the real real twisted ones who are so critical-go to C.V.S. and buy a mirror!!

    • CLF

      WTF? Maybe the parents did make a mistake by allowing her to be so overweight so young, but they’ve corrected it and have turned their whole family on the right path. Why shouldn’t they be applauded? They’ve gone and fixed the problem. Confused, you’re an idiot.

  • Strippedbear662

    Bullying is never right and is never the answer, but I am glad that this young lady and her family decided to make something positive of the situation instead of her folding into a shell and becoming depressed. For the people saying that mom should not have let this happen in the first place, parents are not perfect people and they too make mistakes and may misjudge…the good thing, they realized that they could do better as a family and everyone is in better health now.

  • http://judeedoo.com Kathryn

    I am very concerned about a mother who has a nine year old child that has lost 66 pounds. That is an enormous amount of weight on such a young child. I do hope the mother and child are both learning how to eat properly and that this child does not go from having one type of eating disorder to another! She is a lovely little girl and hope she is taking better care of herself because she deserves it.

    • Ron

      66 pounds is not a lot to lose…. IF you’re starting at 189 and 9 years old! She still weighs 123 pounds, which is not skinny for a 9 year old, most 9 year olds weigh probably under 100 pounds, easy.

      • Cathy

        how tall is she I have a 9yr old she is 5″4 at her age her Dad is 6″1 and she is my height she will be a tall girl, this girl maybe tall

      • kkat

        I have a 9 year old. They are supposed to weigh around 60 to 70 lbs, so even 123 is a tad over. Too much weight on a child this young sets off precocious puberty, where there is breast development and periods. This is not a good thing for many reasons, but it has been linked to female probs later on…

      • lana

        you suck. she’s only 9. piss off you asshole

        • M

          Stop being a disgusting human whos lost ethics and see this fat bytch for what she is a PIG. You must be a PIG too

      • CLF

        Ron’s kids must be fat.

      • Trisha

        you’re an idiot! it is a lot to lose. have you ever lost 60 lbs? i have.

    • carolyn

      Did you read the article? Mom made the decision to get the family healthier. You can most certainly applaud the parents in making this life change. They made mistakes as a family and as a family they are correcting them. Good for the them!!

      • tee

        I think it is great, and the family didn’t know what the problem was at first, and after many doctors appt and nothing came back the family then took it to the next level. Who’s to say the family was concerned from the beginning, the article says the child has been overweight since an infant. I’m glad that she lost the weight and still working on keeping it off.

    • Tonks

      Did you not just read the article? Let me guess, you read the title and stopped. They watched their diet and exercised. The way you’re supposed to. Good lord.

  • Dee

    Why is some of you making a big deal about her being 123??? Seriously? Weight doesn’t come on over night and it doesn’t come off over night. It takes a lot of hard work to get the 66lbs off. But since she is young and since she is getting into sports she will better fit then some of you who has kids who are 60-90lbs. Have of your kids probably still sitting in front of the computer, watching tv or even playing their games on the tv. Give the girl credit where credit is due. She lost a lot and she’s not done. But the ones who make a big deal about sill being over weight.. your not different then the ones who bully her. Be happy for her.. Tell her way to go. But don’t look down on her and say your still fat.. because thats basically what your saying. SHAME ON YOU!.

  • I am who I am, so leave me alone.

    I’m a little, ok maybe a lot,over weight,and I’d love to lose 66 pounds, so leave the child alone!!!! Good for you Breanna!!!

  • Kelly

    I am 25 years old woman that is 5’4 I am 122 lbs. Everyone tells me I look good. People I don’t even know too. I use to weight 96 lbs. I didn’t have eating disorder or nothing. I was tense a lot in school and public places for being too skinny. Anywho, My cousin is 10 years old is almost my height and weights same as me. He is not fat at all and he is not into sports that I know of. Thinking 123 is not skinny for 9 year old is crazy. It doesn’t matter how old you are and how much you weight, people stillvgoing make fun of you no matter what. You just need brush them hater off, do what make you happy.

  • http://yahoo Deb

    Thank God the mother took control finally. It is unfortunate she let it go that far. I am so proud of that little girl and her mom for doing something about it!!!!!!

  • Trisha

    I think it is a horrible story! Bullies make fun of her, so child loses weight! I’m glad she has lost the excess pounds, but not as a middle school teacher some kids would go home and kill themselves or begin an eating disorder. But look at the adults posting on here, bullies themselves complaining about 66 lbs is not enough for a 9 yr old to lose! Shame on you, I lost 60 pounds and it wasn’t easy! Jerks raise even jerkier kids. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU including the bullies.

    • Su

      Well put!

  • Anna

    Uhh . . . She is still twice what her normal weight should be!!!! This is COMPLETELY the mother’s fault and she should feel awful and should have NEVER let it get this far!!!!

    • http://webpronews cate lynn

      Gosh Darn, give her time. You are way to hard on this child, she may have had an underlying health problem. Stop judging herself and go take a look in the mirror and judge yourself.

  • Jennifer

    I think all the people that have been so negative, are bullies themselves. How dare you judge a mother & child by the amount of information given in the above article. I read the article and read that a 9 year old was being bullied and the mom helped her child.

  • Pat

    Under all of that excessive weight, there is a beautiful 9 year old girl. I hope she is proud of herself and continues to maintain the loss. You go girl. You are beautiful.

  • Mary

    Seriously. That child is NOT twice the weight of a nine year old. It is apparent that you are not a parent or a health profession. The mother’s tactics are ABUSE. That child needs more than 20 grams of fat a day to create the stores needed for puberty. Her parents said they had a “zero tolerance policy” about exercise and the diet. They belong in jail not being glorified by a bunch of media mongers that needed to fill a 1:30 spot!

  • Diane

    I do believe that the average weight of a 9 year old is between 80lbs and 110 lbs between 4’5″/5’2″ tall. If she was 189 lbs and 5′ tall then she was 2x the size of a normal 9 year old. and i am an RN. This story is to prompt parents to understand this is not a proper way to raise children. Just by changing a few habits your child could be more happy and healthy. I am 5′ 10″ tall and i weigh 189 lbs, i run 1/5 marathons and i eat right. I couldn’t imagine being a child and having to deal with such a heavy bulk at a young age, it isn’t healthy at all. sorry you feel that children at meant to be well into the 100’s they are not. Yes fat is a much needed staple in children’s diets, buty ou have healthy fats and bad fats. Because you thing your child should get 20 grams of fat doesn’t mean let them scarf down a bag of chips!

  • chris

    So does this mean bullying is good? from the sound of it bullies helped encourage to lose weight.

  • Katherine

    First, I want to say this is truly remarkable, and I am proud for her success. I am obese and it is excruciatingly difficult to lose weight. That being said, shame on the circumstances. The classmates that teased her should be punished, and I hope they were. NO ONE and I mean no one has the right to tease and bully people for their looks. The fact that she went to such links to lose weight, could set her up for an eating disorder later. If not a full blown one she will have a preoccupation with her weight all her life.

  • Albert

    This story raised several concerning points:

    1) Where are her parents? Why aren’t her parents helping her with her weight? My guess is that they are overweight themselves and just passed their bad habits onto her.

    2) As Chris had mentioned, this story almost make it sound like bully is good.

    3) This story examplifies our society. We are more concerned about what others think of us rather than what we thought of ourselves.

    • jolene

      If you read the other stories about her, you’d see that her mom was actually the one that designed a diet and had the family start with a walking and exercise program. And bullying can never be good! You were propably the bully and don’t know what it feels like!

  • denise soria

    Bullying is HEll! Good for her for showing them up…there is no cure for an ugly soul.

  • Emma Antonelli

    This girl is going to get an eating disorder when she grows up.

    • Adam

      Because clearly, when trying to lose weight to become healthier and avoid further bullying, there will always be those savvy people out there to just find an alternative way to bully.

    • Nick

      How can you say something so ignorant? There is nothing wrong with an overweight person losing weight. It should be encouraged. “Fat Acceptance” is irresponsible. And who says being obese isn’t an eating disorder? If being a 189 lb 9 year old seems “normal” to you, you need to seriously re-evaluate your life.

  • Tara

    To all who say that this mother was in the wrong whatsoever in reference to making her child lose the weight: there must be something wrong with you. 189 pounds is extremely unhealthy for a child!!!!!!!!! Yes, diet and exercise should have been insisted upon at a younger age and should have been included in this family’s lifestyle from the start, but I give a HUGE KOODOS to this mother for changing her daughter’s life and to this beautiful girl for believing in herself!!!!

    Obesity is not something to be taken lightly, and I find it almost sick how acceptable an addiction and eating disorder like obesity are in our society. People tell smokers all the time, “you shouldn’t smoke that, it’s bad for you, it’s going to kill you, you’re going to get cancer”, WHY DO WE NOT SAY THIS TO EXTREMELY FAT PEOPLE?!?!?!?! the amount of obesity related and caused illnesses is staggering. not to mention, what kind of QUALITY OF LIFE is this for a child?!?! think people.

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