Gina Carano’s Return to UFC ‘Complicated’

    July 27, 2014
    Mike Fossum
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Back in March, former professional mixed martial artist Gina Carano expressed that she was “very open” to returning to the MMA cage. Two weeks ago, UFC president Dana White stated with confidence that he expected to easily sign Carano to fight the following week. Though Carano has proven more reluctant to return than White anticipated.

Carano, 32, left the ring for an acting career five years ago, and has been featured in films including Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire alongside Channing Tatum, as well as Fast & Furious 6, which starred the late Paul Walker.

Regarding having Carano, formerly the third-ranked 145 pound female MMA fighter in the world, back on board with the UFC, White vaguely commented, “It’s going very positive, but it’s complicated.”

Aside from possible filming schedule conflicts, Carano realizes that five years outside of the ring will have diminished her Muy Thai fighting skills. The actress said in March, “I would definitely take something like that extremely seriously. I would dedicate myself to it, and need the time because you’re taking somebody who hasn’t fought in a while, that hasn’t been in the fight camp-type environment; and it would have to be done in a time where there would be enough time for me to get ready for that and be able to support myself during that time because that’s all I’d be doing is taking that seriously, and it would take me away from other projects or potential projects that I’ve been working this far in my life to get to.”

Here Carano scraps with Michelle Rodriguez in Fast & Furious 6:

The last time Carano (who at times goes by “Conviction” in the ring) fought, she was defeated by Christiane “Cyborg” Justino in August, 2009. Carano has not been in the ring in a professional capacity since.

UFC fans are excited about a possible rematch between former Strikeforce champion Carano and current bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey. Rousey said she would go back up to middleweight (145 pounds) to fight Carano. Carano said she would return to the ring if the circumstances were right.

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  • assclip

    Honestly im not super excited about this fight. As soon as i herd rumblings on the web and from dana that this fight was pretty close to getting done,i felt as though this shouldn’t be happening. They are or i guess Gina because its her decision as well are just throwing her to the wolf. She will get dominated being out as long as she has and i remember her fight with cyborg. When she went to the ground she did nothing against cyborg. Rousey’s ground game is much more solid then cyborg and to not think Gina wont get dumped on her ass..So i wonder if this is just a one fight deal type of thing just to make alot of money on a pay per view. Because i would tend to believe that Gina in her heart of hearts has to know being on the shelf that long and fighting Rousey is a mountain to tall to obtain for just about any women fighting today. Even more so one that hasn’t fought since 09. This tells me this is a 1 fight deal had she wanted to sign a few more fights the ufc i would like to think would be proper about this and build her up again,a bit before she fights Rousey.

  • Michael lancer

    She lost to cyborg? She got beaten to a bloody pulp. She is a very attractive woman and should stick to acting.

    • DaveG

      Sort of how Cyborg lost badly in Muay Thai to Jorina Baars at Lion Fight 14?

      • Michael lancer


  • Sebastian

    “Rematch”? Gina Carano & Ronda Rousey have never meet inside the cage.

  • Dan

    I’m not interested in this lopsided match up!

  • Rob Da Bomb

    I think it’s stupid and whoever pays for this fight is an idiot. Ronda is a made up fighter. She has no skills and is lame. Arm bars are kool but come on!!! She needs to become more well rounded instead of trying to talk shit. Carano was DESTROYED by the Cyborg. I don’t have anything else to say but keep the Ur Fake Champions ( U F C )….I’m gonna start seeing Bellator.