Gillmor Gang Is Back

    May 31, 2005

Gillmor Gang is back, and I listened to the latest one, with Adam Curry as a guest. He revealed that Steve Jobs personally demonstrated the latest iTunes to him. How cool is that?

They also made the point that Microsoft is lamely late in the podcasting world.

Let’s see. Will an iPodder user switch to iTunes to get his or her podcasts? Will a Doppler user switch? Or, even better, how about an RSS reader with my new cell phone? Will that user switch to iTunes? (Or, look at it another way, would those users switch to something developed at Microsoft?)

None of which were developed at Microsoft, but now you’re getting why Microsoft is gonna be just fine, thank you very much. We provide a platform on which developers can play on and we don’t need to do it all ourselves (as Adam and Steve point out we’re often too slow or too lame to get onboard the latest hot thing).

So, why wait for Microsoft? I already have good podcasting tools today (and they are getting better every few weeks — the innovation in this space is fast and furious, remember, the word podcasting didn’t exist last year at this time and now we got the CEO of a big computer company calling on Adam Curry personally. I find this all to be pretty darn amazing).

Oh, and Adam again poo pooed videoblogging. Ahh, that sounds like Steve Jobs has rubbed off on Adam too. But, here’s the rub: video is coming and not necessarily from Microsoft or Apple. Have you seen the new Nokia Tablet? ($300, coming in a month, runs on Linux). How about the Sony Playstation Portable?

But, even here, Microsoft will be a big player. Our first try was the Portable Media Center. But my friends are now taking Dell pocket PCs and tricking them out to play video. Why? Cause the 640×480 screen on those things makes for a stunning video platform.

It’s funny, everytime I’m in a plane I take an inventory of all the computers, iPods, tech devices, and what they are used for. I’m seeing video on 25% of the devices. Including a lot of portable DVD players that have screens far smaller than the one on my Tablet PC.

As screens come down in cost, and more and more of the world gets broadband, you’ll see more and more video applications.

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