Gillian Anderson Poses Nude For Animal Awareness

    December 4, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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X Files star, Gillian Anderson, is in full support of the Fishlove campaign. To show her support and raise awareness, she posed nude with only an eel wrapped around her neck to cover her breasts. The campaign is dedicated to helping raise awareness of the collapsing fish stocks in the deep British waters.

“Amazing animals that live in the deep ocean are being systematically destroyed by massive fishing nets that catch or crush everything in their path,” the petition reads. “But in days, the European Parliament could vote to protect one of the world’s most precious deep-sea habitats – and we need to give them the public mandate to do it.”

“We urge you to phase out the most destructive fishing practices in the Northeast Atlantic, especially deep-sea bottom trawling, and hope that members of your party will vote for the urgently needed protection of vulnerable deep-sea species and habitats,” the petition continues. “This is your legacy. Please ensure that these measures are adopted and protect one of the most fragile and biologically diverse areas of the planet before it’s too late.”

Anderson is not the only celebrity to take part in the campaign. Actress, Olivia Williams, and rapper, Goldie, also posed nude with sea creatures to help raise awareness.

The petition currently has 13,887 signatures. “On December 10th Members of the European Parliament can vote to ban the most destructive forms of deep-sea fishing in the Northeast Atlantic,” the petition says. The campaign is hoping to have 20,000 signatures before Parliament votes.

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  • bern

    I wonder if she’ll pose nude with the next DEER I shoot.Dam I hope so.

  • salsasue

    Put your clothes on and advocate for children who are abused and neglected!

  • Funny

    I find all this posing nude to be hypocritical. It is just a way for the celebs to get publicity.

    Then we take up “trendy” causes instead of real ones. Like poverty, homelessness, famine, drought ……..yep go save a fish.

    It is kind of like those Sarah McLachlin commercials….. an animal in a cage …. sad music …. go down to any prison and you will see human beings in the same cages. I hate to tell you that dog will love whoever feeds it.

    Seen this a thousand times …. animal lovers who will do anything for an animal …. but they also support abortion …. pulling apart babies in the womb just doesn’t seem to matter much

  • @Funny

    But don’t you know … it is only the cute animals that people love …. heck tons of mosquito get killed every day … you will never see a save the mosquito campaign.

    I don’t mind people being merciful to animals …. what I mind is that they don’t extend that to same mercy to humans….

    Yep … show that dog in that cage mercy … but also show that convict in the cage mercy too….