GigaOmni Media Raises More Than $1 Million

    November 16, 2007

Thanks to a round of funding, GigaOmni Media is ready to expand some more.  No one’s quite sure how big it’ll get, though – following initial reports that $1 million had been raised, Om Malik himself appeared to say that the amount’s rather higher.

At some point, Malik may release a specific figure, but that hasn’t happened yet.  For now, there’s mainly been a lot of “thank you”s directed at the investors: True Ventures, Rakesh Mathur, Venky Harinarayan, and Anand Rajaraman.

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Malik also explained what he plans to do with the money.  “[W]e want to scale our operations – both editorial and events – over the next 12 months,” he wrote.  “I will provide more detail about our plans in the coming weeks, including unveiling a new, more simplified look for GigaOM.”

Makeovers are often nice.  That “events” tidbit is also interesting – at the recent NewTeeVee conference, YouTube’s Steve Chen announced his (not entirely keen) interest in HD video, and the convention’s profile is only likely to increase in the future.

We’ll keep an ear out for the exact amount of funding GigaOmni Media received.  Still, it looks like Malik’s more focused on putting the money to good use than showing it off, and that’s an approach that’s hard to disagree with.