Giada De Laurentiis Nearly Severs Finger On Air

    November 24, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Giada De Laurentiis was slicing turkey on a Food Network Thanksgiving special one moment, and bleeding profusely the next–all while on the air. The live Thanksgiving special also featured Ina Garten, Bobby Flay and Alton Brown–who were all immediately privy to the unfortunate mishap. It was plain to see–for both the other chefs in the wings and viewers at home–that this wasn’t a simple little ‘oops!’

A source on site told RadarOnline that De Laurentiis looked like she was about to pass out.

“She seemed to go pale and got very quiet putting pressure on it and whispering to Ina that it was bad,” the source explained.

Following a commercial break, Bobby Flay told the audience and viewers that Giada De Laurentiis was off seeking medial treatment and would return to the show shortly. True to form, she returned about 15 minutes later, bandaged up and ready to roll, thanks to an on-set medic who applied pressure, cleaned and bandaged the wound.

On a web show that served as a follow-up to the live on-air program, Giada was the subject of much good-natured teasing from her fellow chefs. Can you imagine the jokes that must have circulated at the poor woman’s expense? On Twitter a good ribbing ensued with talk of finding a piece of Giada’s finger in the stuffing.

Giada also tweeted about her impending medical treatment following good wishes from a follower.

Alas, Giada De Laurentiis isn’t just an acclaimed chef, she is also a seasoned TV personality. She no doubt took the nearly severed digit in stride and laughed along with all of her friends. Hopefully she has some help at home later this week, however, when she prepares her own family’s Thanksgiving spread.

Image via Wikimedia

  • Hermione Hairpie

    Giada was a drunken fool on Thanksgiving Live. She acted like a spoiled brat by talking over everyone else. She’s an immature attention whore that ruined what should have been a fun, informative show. Too bad she didn’t hit an artery when she drunkenly cut herself, the stupid twit.

    • Jamie

      You’re a disgusting poor excuse of a human being. Probably a failure at everything you do so you have to troll on the internet bashing other people’s success to boost your poor self-esteem. This is why the world sucks because of hateful people who contribute nothing to society like yourself. Do us all a favor and go back under your slimy rock and take your negativity with you, hateful “twit”.

      • Lois

        Whether she was drunk or not, I don’t know. But she was driving me nuts. It wasn’t until she cut herself that she finally slowed down and shut up. She was talking loud, interrupting everyone and just being totally obnoxious. Couldn’t believe how she was acting. It ruined the show and it was evident one of the other hosts, the gentleman with the glasses, was upset by the way she was behaving.

      • Lois

        The previous poster was not being nasty. Giada was acting like a spoiled brat. She did ruin the show.

    • Lori

      I tried to enjoy the show but I was getting irritated at the way she constantly interrupted other people. When they took a question, she would interrupt whoever was trying to answer the question.
      She kept saying oh, I make the best……., whatever! The food all looked delicious but I felt like she ruined the show by talking so much and she spoke much louder than the others. That is a bad cut, but it will heal. next time pay attention to what you are doing and stop talking so much.

  • jennifer

    can we talk about how the media totally inflates things? this article says she nearly “severed” her finger. really? she cut the tip of her finger near the nail. granted, it’s a nasty cut but nearly severed? I think NOT! sensationalism at it’s finest. and I agree with others who have talked on social network about how over the top obnoxious and rude Giada was during that program. no one could have a say that she wasn’t talking louder and over everyone else. bring back PAULA DEEN…..now that’s a chef with class!

  • Robert

    Tell her to stick it in vinegar, if that did not work, than stick it in cider!!

  • vee

    @Hermione hairpie(how appropriate) you’re ignorant. @Jennifer Paula Deen is not a chef, she’s a cook. Your lack of understanding the difference makes your opinion worthless.

  • jo

    I hate knives. :(

  • http://yahoo Cher

    and she will not be the last to sever the end of a finger…it has been done here at work and get over it. it they have to stitch the end back on it will hurt,it will turn yellow black and purple.NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!

  • http://sbcglobal.net Bonnie Wortham

    It is such a terrible realization how cruel and mean spirited we humans are. This woman cut herself and the negative comments about her were amazing and unbelievable. What kind of savages are we becoming? Accusing her of being drunk etc.was sick and inhumane.God help us.

  • http://yahoo Teresa Williams

    Giada is such a drama queen. She is so full of herself, know it all, “super star”. She slices her finger and it look like someone let the air out of her, finally something took her down a peg. Wasn’t so full of herself when she bleeds. Big baby, she looked like she might cry. Then comes back drinking oj, like she just donated a pint of blood. She showed herself for the unprofessional conceeded person she is.

  • PaulaT

    I am sorry that anyone gets injured when using knives while cooking. However, I must concur with other comments, I thought Giada was just too much. I went to the other room when she came on and I could hear her voice louder than anyone else’s
    . She did seem to take over. Last year’s Thanksgiving Live was much better than this year’s. Please leave Giada off, it’s not her show.

  • Tony

    I am a chef and I have been cut a lot worse than that for a lot less money. I didn’t see the show so I won’t make any personal comments. I don’t watch hardly any food network now that it’s no longer about good cooking shows. I can watch shows on public television. You want to learn to cook Italian LIDIA’S KITCHEN rules and their are plenty of other shows that show you traditional recipes and actually can teach the novice how to cook.

    • Nan

      I agree. the BEST cooking shows are on PBS.

  • Gia

    I felt Giada was turned up a notch or two too much. Drink or whatever… but it was obvious to me.

  • TK

    Watching it last year was the last year for me. Giada and her overly toothy smile swigging alcohol and being loud and obnoxious – it’s not surprising she got “Chopped”.

  • Timmy Turdburglar

    This years “Thanksgiving Live” was a near total wreck thanks mostly to Giada. She behaved like a child on a sugar high, talking over everyone and arrogantly thinking she was the star attraction. She was, in short, sickening!

    It’s telling that the show actually improved as soon as Giada, the drunken fool, put herself out of commission and was yanked off stage for a few minutes. Finally Ina Garten could complete a full sentence without some blathering “LOOK AT ME!” overrated twit stepping on her words. (Clearly what FN needs is MORE Ina and LESS Giada!)

    Bobby Flay clearly was bothered by Giada’s lack of professionalism and so was Alton by the end of that two-hour abortion. He angrily threw away that stupid paper turkey that she drunkenly propped on his head while he was trying to make a heartfelt speech about Thanksgiving. How some of you people think she wasn’t drunk after seeing that pathetic attention HO display is ridiculous. Be sure to ask Santa for a clue this Christmas because you sorely need one.

    Hopefully the execs at Food Network had a talk with Giada after the show and reminded her that she wasn’t a high school cheerleader and this wasn’t a keg party. With any luck she won’t be invited back to next years Thanksgiving live show. Instead she should go to either an AA meeting or an “Attention Ho’s Anonymous” counseling session. Scheduling a Bulimia Support Group meeting would probably be wise also because that girl’s body is in desperate need of a fully digested sandwich. Seriously, she is skeletal thin (which accounts for her inability to handle ONE cocktail) except for her freakishly volleyball-sized head.

    Word to the wise Giada: Leave the cooking and entertainment to the mature professionals cuz honey, you ain’t in their class.

    • Carmen

      I loved your comment above all else!! and you are right, she is a mess, and should not be invited back for next years event!!

    • Holster

      That was beautiful!

  • Cherish

    You know I watched some of the show and Ina nor none of the other chefs could get a word in over this loud mouthed toothy bitch! She thought the show was all about her the inconsiderate witch! Food Network leave her off next year if you want any viewers tuning in! as for her finger she was not watching what she was doing and clearly was tipsy slap a bandaid on her finger and tell her to shut up!!

  • JudiB

    Food Network needs to also be yanked off the air. Then restart with some cooks/chefs and intelligently speak of food and show how to cook. Leave those Giada/Hollywood types someplace else. It was awful to see that very poorly put together show. food Network gets worse and worse. I know I do not (and really hardly anymore) need to watch another network all about game shows appealing to a very low element in our society.

  • Jill

    Giada ruined the show for me this year. She just wouldn’t shut up and acted as though the show was all about her. I was very glad that Ina was going to be on the show but giada never shut up and Ina and the others never got a chance to fully answer questions. Ina is a class act and wish she would have clobbered Giada to get her to shut up! Please do not invite Giada back next year!

  • Carrie

    I posted this on twitter, I thought she was drunk and I agree she over ran all the other chefs in the place. I could see the looks on Bobby Flay and Alton Brown, as well as Ina. When the food throwing started and over talking every body I WAS DONE! I watched last year and loved it….bring back all the other good chefs and eliminate Giada….sad to say. when they were Thanking people at the end of the show, she just kept piling on her plate….REALLY~~~~

  • Carrie

    OBTW I work in the Emergency Room at a Hospital…..and that was not a ” severed finger “….. Really FOOD NETWORK…STITCHES LOL…..

  • Bettina

    I know some of you are looking down your noses at the “negative” comments of others. But consider this. Why does it make us bad people to point out the obvious? Some of us are very upset at her behavior. Giada is a hot mess who completely ruined Thanksgiving Live 2013. I had to work when it aired, so I set it up to record because I wanted to be inspired by the other three wonderful chefs. But it turned into Giada Live 2013. I certainly hope the Food Network takes note of her behavior because it definitely warrants some sort of corrective action. And if she is invited back in 2014 I will not be watching.

  • Linda S.

    Just had to say this can happen to anyone! I know this because I had the exact same accident about 2 1/2 weeks ago!! I had to have stitches, have lost 1/4 of my nail, but am on the mend. Regardless of all of the negative comments, accidents are accidents, plain and simple!! Good luck to you, Giada.

  • Jenna Newberry

    I DVR’d this show because I was very busy and couldn’t watch it live but was really looking forward to it because I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a large group this year and was hoping for some helpful tips. Boy was I disappointed! It seemed every time someone other than Giada was talking and/or demonstrating a recipe she would jump all over them. The person here who said Giada was acting like a child on a sugar high was spot on! As a mom, believe me I know the signs.

    I also know a drunk when I see one and it was obvious Giada was tipsy. It’s not surprising she cut herself. It’s just a miracle that she didn’t injure anyone else in the process. She was definitely out of control. For me she ruined the entire show.

    Quite simply, the only tip I got out of this years “Thanksgiving Live” was not to start off cooking Thanksgiving dinner with a cocktail in hand. But as a grown adult I already knew that. It’s a shame that someone who makes millions of dollars as a “professional” in the culinary world, doesn’t.

    I sincerely hope that next years “Thanksgiving Live” doesn’t have Giada in attendance. As for this years version, I already deleted it off my list. It doesn’t even make for good comedy, it’s just sad and pathetic.