Giada De Laurentiis Accidentally Slices Finger During Live Thanksgiving Special

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On Saturday during Food Network’s live Thanksgiving special, Giada De Laurentiis had an unfortunate mishap while on set with Ina Garten, Alton Brown and Bobby Flay.

The Italian-born American Chef happened to cut her finger after her knife slipped while cutting a slice of turkey. By the look on De Laurentiis’ face, the injury was pretty bad.

“She seemed to go pale and got very quiet putting pressure on it and whispering to Ina that it was bad…She looked like she was about to faint,” an eyewitness reported to RadarOnline.com.

During commercial break, De Laurentiis went to seek medical attention, in which Brown shared with the viewers after the show had resumed.

Soon after, she returned on set with a bandaged finger.

On Twitter, De Laurentiis posted an Instagram photo link revealing just how awful the cut was. However, to make light of the situation, she even added in a cheerful remark.

De Laurentiis has been on the Food Network since 2002. Her Emmy Award winning daytime show, “Everyday Italian,” features some of her best Italian dishes and recipes.

A a celebrity chef, De Laurentiis is also known for other media involvements, partnerships and humanitarian efforts.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Cooking products and tools available at Target.
  • A number of cookbooks like “Giada’s Family Dinners,” a #1 New York Times best-seller.
  • Past appearances on the “Today Show.”
  • Helping international relief organization, Oxfam America, as an enlisted celebrity Ambassador.

In her most recent TV series, “Giada at Home,” she provides tips on how to prepare meals and successful parties for family and friends.

As far as we know, this is her first and hopefully her last accident caught on live TV.

Image Credit: Youtube, ViperVisor

Image Credit: Instagram, @giadadelaurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis Accidentally Slices Finger During Live Thanksgiving Special
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  • Dick

    She should’ve taken her top off. That would’ve diverted attention away from the situation.

  • http://yahoo margaret E.


  • Zombee

    Get well soon Giada. You are the hottest babe on Food Network.

  • colleen renshaw

    I too watched that fiasco. I was waiting for Mr Know It All…..Alton Brown to put a cork in it for half a second. I have no doubt this is why Gia cut her finger, trying to get out of there.
    Who’s hair brained idea was this anyway?
    Bring back Paula Deen, period!!! The pioneer woman is about as real as it gets now adays, I love her.
    Ina seems like a nice lady, but I agree I think she was overrun with that group. I don’t care for her cooking, it’s always kale or rhubarb or some other weird veggie.

  • cora

    A very disappointing two hours. There ought to be rules for the stars to follow, however it’s obvious at least one of them wouldn’t EVER comply! I just hope Food Network execs consider these posts as meaningful feedback and rethink the planning of special shows in the future. BTW: I don’t think anyone is happy there was an injury, just that it seemed almost inevitable.

  • Sandy

    I also believe that Giada was very rude to her fellow chefs. She talked over everyone that took part. She was very hungery for attention. She needs to growup some and be respectful of other peoples comments, and be respectful of the viewers. I’m sorry she cut her finger. I did not see it, by then I turned the channel. I do not watch her show anymore. I used to. I get the feeling that as long as the food looks beutiful that it must be good. Not always the case. I felt sorry for Ina who is one of my favorites, she is a beutiful lady. This “Thanksgiving” show was a complete disaster.

  • ♪★♥Granola♥★♪

    Hmm, watching it late Sunday(recorded) and very surprised at the relationships and how the chefs are interacting with each other. Not a fan so far. Very childish behavior and it seems to start with Giada and a dash of Alton. Some egos involved here. Ina must have been taken back by such antics. Suggest next year- drop Giada and bring Ree Drummond back with Ina and Bobby. Maybe they can act professionally and be nice to each other. The knives shouldn’t be the words and actions thrown at each other, but the tools to prepare dishes to share with the viewing public.

  • jazzlvr1211

    Giada’s ego has simply gotten too big, just like all the other FoodNetwork stars. For goodness sakes, they are just chefs, not rock stars. Giada acted unbelievably childish; and I cannot stand Ina’s nervous giggle. I still watch FN for shows like Restaurant Impossible, etc. But I just don’t watch the instructional cooking shows anymore. ALL of the network personalities have simply annoyed me to the breaking point! lol No wonder why Alton Brown seems to hate them all, deep down inside…..

  • DeeDee

    Giada – keep your fingers out of the food!!! And please do not pick food off of others people’s plate (Alton) with your fingers! Unsanitary and classless. You might want to try talking less and listening more. You’d think she was raised in a barn for goodness sakes!

  • JudiB

    The show was awful as most have mentioned. I saw very little of it before quickly turning it off because Giada just did not know when to keep her mouth shut. She did appear very “high” and and rude and egotistical. First I think when I heard her remark about whether to wear her glasses because her husband had called and told her to remove them, I pretty much felt at that moment I wanted to turn just her off off off. I had feeling that none of those personalities wanted to be there but were forced to per contracts. Food Network is really about $$$$$$$ and not any,more about cooking as evidenced by the crap they put on as shows. We, all on this page must realize this because our writing about quality of this show is evidence of that. Most of what this network puts out is geared to be on Comedy Central and not anything to do really with cooking or food. Game shows. Ina cooks, Bobby does some cooking (by the way I have followed some of his recipes…very good), Rhea Drummond cooks but as a whole Msybe one needs to find Javques Prpin, Ming Tsai and look to find real cooks somewhere, somehow other than the awful Food Network which is in place right now. What a disappointment it has become. And to those defenders of FN and Giada..that is your choice to continue to watch them as is many of our choice not to. So ultimately FN needs to be about food again and not corporate food network, I.e Food Network Game Network .

  • Don Feliciano

    I like Giada; her menus are certainly interesting and tasty. I’m not at all offended by her cleavage. Rumor has it that when she originally joined Food Network, her ratings were awful because she was so reserved. Supposedly she was told by the producers to start wearing clothes that showed her cleavage, as well as to be more animated. The rest is history.

    For the Thanksgiving show, however, she was a bit too chatty and tried to dominate. Poor taste. I’m sorry that she didn’t amputate her finger. Am I the only one who thinks she may have been drunk or consumed too much wine or champagne before the show?

  • http://Foodnetwork Holly

    Wow, so glad I’m not alone! Tried, honestly, to watch the show live last week-couldn’t take the tudes, frenetic energy, nor Giada’s teeth & glasses! I pretty much stopped watching FN all together-except for Chopped! Love Lidia Bastonovich; jacques Peppin, Cook’s Country and of course, the mamma of them all, Julia Child. Notice none of these true chefs shows are on FN? Curious!! And thr Next FN Star–/OMG-the ‘sandwich guy’, Melissa D’Arabian-snc her teeth, too, and their biggest ‘star’ DDD Guy – his Grocery Game show has got to be one of THE cheesiest shows ever created! Right up there with Beat the Clock! (Sorry, my age is showing! Lol) Please someone, created a cooking channel that actually has shows that teach how to cook! (Rachel Ray and her raspy voice has been banned from my house forever: horrible voice, let’s give her a TALK show.. really?!?!

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