Ghost Caught On Camera: Is It Real?


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For years people have tried to capture ghosts and spirits on camera. While many people claim to have been successful in doing so, most ghost photos are proven fake or believed to have been caused by a camera glitch.

A police officer in New Mexico recently had a creepy experience and claims to have not only seen a ghost, but to have captured it on video.

The alleged ghost was caught on video at a New Mexico police department, and Good Morning America released a report on it on Friday.

According to the statement, "Police in Espanola, New Mexico, are trying to figure out what human-shaped, blurry, translucent figured was captured on camera strolling across a locked area of their station Saturday night. The video shows the figure walking through a chain link fence and slowly walking out again."

Officer Karl Romero was on duty the night the ghost was spotted and said that he has no doubt that what was caught on camera was an actual spirit.

"At first, I thought it was a fly or moth. Then, I saw the legs ... and it was a human," he said. "But not a real human. No - a ghost."

Romero went on to say that many of the other officers agree with him and have had ghostly experiences of their own at the station.

"A lot of officers have seen certain things," said Karl Romero. "Some officers have felt someone breathing down their necks as they're working in the briefing room."

Many people who have seen the video say that the image in the video is likely a bug that happened to cross the screen when the camera was out of focus. Others agree with Romero and feel that the image on the video is an actual ghost.