Getting Your Website/Blog Positioned in Yahoo!

    January 15, 2006

Do you have trouble figuring out how to best get your website or blog positioned in Yahoo!?

Getting listed in any major search portal is a difficult task for any site that has not been around for the past 5+ years. Sure you can open your wallet and feed overture till your wallet dries up, but there must be other solutions.

Most recently in the Yahoo! search blog a thread was listed that covered off details of a lecture by a Yahoo! exec (Joel Toledano) and they went as far as to share a power point of the slides used in his presentation.

The lecture was titled “Opportunities for Innovators: Venturing in Online Search, Advertising & Sales” – hopefully it will help you a bit (it can’t hurt), particularly since Yahoo! is likely the toughest place to get a high ranking – See

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