Get Your Prospects to Read What You Want Them to

    February 22, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

This is actually a great trick to get people reading exactly what you want them to notice the most in your web copy, literature, brochure, proposal, etc.

People are too busy today to read every word of what you say (especially if they are being sold). If you overdo this little “highlight trick” … it won’t work!

Here is how it work. ………. You highlight it for them. Simple enough?

This can work on your website as well as in your direct mail copy. All you have to say is the following;

“Dear Sam. I have highlighted for you the most important parts of this letter (copy) you need to know”.

I’ll bet you that Sam will go and read the highlighted copy first.

If you overdo this and highlight 50% of your text, you’ll kill this tactic. What I like to use this for is to make sure that the prospect reads the company’s USP (unique selling proposition). Use the highlight for free trial or 30-day money back guarantee. If you had 15 seconds to talk to the your prospect you’d say… (highlight it now).

Why does this work? Well because we always highlight things we find to be important in the books, printed articles, magazines and newspapers we read.


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