Getting Quality Leads Through Targeted Traffic

    November 23, 2005

If you are one of the tens of thousands of people searching for quality leads for your business everyday, you know how hard it is to find the precious few perfect business leads among the junk leads people are selling.

Below are some tips for generating leads who are looking for what you are selling so you can stop wasting bandwidth on untargeted, disinterested tire kickers and freebie seekers.

Find Reputable Lead Companies

Getting leads from a lead company can be expensive and completely useless if you don’t do your homework. Use sites like to do your research and carefully pick places that you can test small leads packages before you make any major purchases.

Keyword Targeting

Really hone in on your keywords and ads that lead people to your site through search engines and other off-site advertising and linking.

For instance, make sure when you exchange links or post your links that you are using the best keyword in your niche to describe what people are actually going to find on your site when they get there. It does you nor them any good to bring people to your site that will have no interest in your offer.

It might make you feel good to have tons of general traffic at first, but you could take much less highly targeted traffic and triple (or more) whatever a general traffic site could make with the same product or service.

Say your market keyword, the best one you can possibly isolate for your target market, is “cactus gardening.” You need to exchange links with other sites and use “Cactus Gardening” as the link itself in order to gain in the search engines for that term.

It will help you generate leads and sales with people coming from the search engines who are only interested in that topic and nothing else at the time they are surfing.

If your product is selling something or generating leads around cactus gardening, you are going to generate more sales from less traffic than if you simply grab any traffic from the engines on generic words like “gardening.”

Take that and go from there. Add another page to your site that is optimized for “desert gardening” and so on. No unrelated information should be on your site to your main product or service. Keep everything highly targeted and refrain from adding too much side information to distract your visitors from your number one goal which is lead collecting and making sales.

Once people see that your site is dedicated to a tight theme, and it ends up being exactly the theme they were hoping for, your optin ratio will go up and you will get more sales.

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