Getting Off the “Foiled-again” Human Nature Playing Field

    May 28, 2003

Human nature is our teacher. It shows us where we are stuck, how we limit ourselves, where we are unhealed and what games we play.

Deliverance is through expanding into our divine nature, which takes place on the self-mastery playing field. First, we must learn our lessons on the foilded again’ human nature playing field, and consciously choose to cross over.

Games are based on misperceptions. When we need to always do it right’ the misperception is: Right is good, wrong is bad and I need to be right in order to be loved and accepted and feel like I am OK.

If we play the comparison game to win the misunderstanding is: I can only feel good about me if I am stronger, faster, richer, prettier or more powerful than you. If somehow I come up short, then I lose.

Your human nature maintains these games at a high cost. For staying unconscious you sacrifice lasting joy, happiness, peace, fulfillment, loving and well-being.

A few games to consider:

1.Let’s Get Even
2.I’m Better Than You
3.There’s Ever Enough
4.I’m Right, You’re Mistaken
5.Am I Okay?
6.I Deserve Justice
7.You’re Out to Get Me
8.I Don’t Need Anyone
9.Poor Me
10.I Can’t Trust You
Action to Take:

Examine the limiting point of view that traps you in the sport. What fears, beliefs, thoughts and feelings no longer work for you? Vow to create another game plan. How about keeping score with acceptance? Grace? Forgiveness? Compassion? Self- responsibility?

Quitting a game is no small challenge. It takes courage and fortitude to terminate long-standing contracts you have with those limiting perceptions.

When you finally determine to bail out of the old game, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back and hurry along. Your true self is waiting.

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