Getting Links from A-List Bloggers

    March 12, 2007

As in any community, there are the trend setters, the visionaries and the superstars. They’re the ones that are quoted, read and referenced most, the movers and shakers of their particular realm. Blogging is no different.

Pick any topic or industry and you’ll find at least one super “A” list blogger, who is most often a prolific poster who has devoted large portions of his or her life to developing their online presence. I read a post recently on problogger that claimed the top 10 bloggers on Technorati post an average of 20 times per day! Crazy stuff.

Why should you care?

Well, for one, they may be saying something interesting, if you need content ideas you can comment on what they write and use them as a source of inspiration when you experience writers block. Two, if you can get them to notice your blog or website and to it, that link will be extremely powerful, not only in bringing you traffic, but increasing your brand and trust factor.

Some A-list blogs have so much link power that just ONE link can result in many other bloggers also linking to you and your entire search engine rankings going up. Now you could wait for an A list blogger to happen upon your site, or you could try to strategize and be proactive.

Here are a few ideas and strategies to get an A-list blogger to link to your site; of course they involve a lot of hard work, but are worth it in the end.

1. Pick the specific A-list blog that you want to mention you, and then start serial commenting (not spamming, just leaving daily valuable comments). They’ll start responding and, over time, visit your blog. At first they’ll just respond to some of your comments, but if you keep it up, eventually the OTHER people on their blog will start mentioning you by name; when that happens, prepare for a link. Of course you can also just ask them: how do I get a link on your website? Keep in mind, though, that you have to write something worth commenting on, and worth being noticed for.

2. Get some posts syndicated by sites that get more traffic than your blog does and sites that can help your articles show up in news searches. is a good one if you are in the SEO industry.

3. Write an on-topic post that makes it to the front page of Digg, or any of the other popular social media sites. It’s easy for them to link to that article (you can even e-mail them and ask them to), even if you’re completely unknown.

4. Publish posts that directly comment on topics and posts in the A-list blogs you want to gain links from. If they blog a lot I guarantee they check their referrers/ track backs and will see that you’re writing about them. Don’t be afraid to disagree with them or strongly add your two cents. Be innovative, be bold, just don’t be boring or another me too; there’s too much competition for that.