Getting Better Employees Than Google

    August 6, 2007

Google offers its employees an amazing collection of perks, but other companies need workers, too, and those companies don’t want to deal exclusively with Mountain View’s leftovers.  So Forbes’s Brian Caulfield figured out several ways to compete with Google during the hiring process.

One approach is to settle.  I know, “settling” sounds like losing, but as Caulfield writes, “The company targets graduates of top schools who have top grades: that all but rules out, say, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates or Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, neither of whom have a college degree.”

There’s also the possibility of hiring someone that Mountain View deemed not “Google-y” enough – given how different Google’s corporate culture is from that of most places, this could even be a benefit, not a drawback.

But enough of this “settling” stuff; a company can also beat Google by being quicker to the draw.  “While a Google hire might have to endure round after round of interviews, a savvy company can pluck off a candidate at the manager level and below by hitting him with an offer – and giving him or her just a few days to respond,” notes Caulfield.  I suppose it’s the same sort of limited-time-offer push that causes people to snatch up Disney DVDs and “As Seen On TV” doodads.

One final note from the Forbes article involves money: Google’s growth can only go on for so long, and not every employee will become a billionaire.  An especially robust salary offer may be all that’s needed to draw someone away from the Googleplex.

Hat tip to SearchEngineWatch’s Kevin Newcomb.