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    October 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The days of the Mac OS being a forgotten platform by Google’s developers have been dwindling, and the company has taken a couple of new steps toward being more inclusive of Mac users.

It looks like Google finally noticed that making the world’s information universally accessible wasn’t really universal if it ignores a certain percentage of the marketplace. That would be the resurgent Mac platform from Apple.

Like Microsoft and perhaps as equally surprising, Google has a dedicated Mac team working on making products available on the OS X platform. For quite a while, the only nod to the Mac crowd came in the form of the Gmail Notifier for Mac. The utility had just one function – let the Mac user known when a message hit the Gmail inbox.

Gmail Notifier for Mac has been updated since then. That and several applications may be found on a Google portal for Mac software downloads.

“Created by Ryan Brown, an engineer on the Mac team, this site showcases all of the Google applications for the Mac,” Mac product manager Rose Yao posted at the Official Google blog.

Yao also wrote of a new point of presence at Google for Mac devotees:

I know how frustrating it is to not get a regular dose of Mac news or find the Mac application you want. So check out the new Google Mac Blog to get all the news, tips, and insider stories about Macs at Google.

The announcement there noted how Google now has its Mac team in place. Followers of Google events will recall how Apple named Google CEO Eric Schmidt to its board in August 2006. Perhaps this newfound love and attention for Mac OS X from Google is an offshoot of that event.

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