Get the Most Out of DoFollow | No Nofollow

    May 2, 2007

So now people have calmed down a little from their running around like headless chickens leaving comments on every blog they could find that used Dofollow, and then linking through to unrelated content, lets start looking at how to link a little more strategically.

Armen has One Stupidly Simple SEO Tip to give you.

Actually I have been discussing these techniques for months giving myself all kinds of deep links from comments to highly related content. I linked to one good article from Armen’s post in the comments, and there are some free ebooks available that tell you lots and lots about linking, affiliate marketing etc.

Deep links are very important for domains with lots of content. If you can get one or 2 links to every article you write on your blog, that is going to help build up a very strong profile for the Google algorithms, and by linking through to good related content, you are much more likely to get people linking though to you, because you give them a reason to do it.

You need to leave more than "I’ve been writing about this too, here is my link"

Seriously links like that look automated, and I bet a few of the links that have been dropped on various meme sites are automated.

You are provided with a link box and that is what you should use for your links. You are not going to have perfect anchor text, but at least the links are highly relevant.

This will possibly get a little messed up by Top Commenter plugins, and definitely will cause some buts with Avatars for MyBlogLog, but you will be providing much more useful content.

Interview With Vlad on Affiliate Marketing (includes Dofollow)

Fraser does some great podcast interviews about Affiliate Marketing and this time he interviewed Vlad. In some ways this is fun for me, because Vlad interviewed me by email recently, though not a podcast.

Vlad gives some good beginners tips for affiliate marketing and goes into detail about why he is such a strong supporter of DoFollow (and he mentions me a lot which is a good way to get links).

As I have already mentioned today, it is hard to see links to a top level domain when Technorati suggests you have had 60+ with the amount of memes going around that I didn’t actually join.

Link to some related content and it makes your link more useful, and if you link to someone’s post who has DoFollow, you are able to control the anchor text for the trackback.

Some backlinks can be quite powerful even with careful control of Google juice, and can give your link more relevance. I have some nice internal PR5 pages to link to such as my list of nofollow & dofollow plugins

Missing Out on Bumpzee Link Juice

Every part of bumpzee, unless a blog owner chooses otherwise, is followable links.

How much Link Juice are you missing out on by not joining?

The Bumpzee main community page is PR6 already and that filters down into the top communities, and through lots of smart linking.
Join some communities. Every community has a message board and if you are among the top contributors, you get a link that is most likely PR5.

With the No Nofollow community on Bumpzee already in the top 5 communities (and soon to take the 4th spot), it is guaranteed to get a good share of the link love.

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