Get Spidered By Google-Fast-And Get Paid for It!

    November 5, 2004

Google is the king of search engines. No one else even comes close. Due to search partnerships with other sites (like Yahoo) means 250 million searches per month.

You want your site listed for your best keywords on Google.

But here’s the problem: You submit your site, and Google takes time to get is “spidered” (that’s when the Google robot scans the web to find new sites) then-possibly-lists it in its search results.

It can take weeks for your site to be spidered and months to get a listing.

Unless you take a slightly different route:

Sign up for a free Google AdSense account:

Once you put their ads on your page two magical things happen.

1. They spider your site-usually within hours.

2. They begin paying you for every visitor to your site who clicks on one of the sponsored links.

So, not only do you get your site spidered-and possibly listed-more quickly, you also get a nice little piece of change.

But there are some cautions you should know about:

1. The ads you serve will be related to your page content.

What this means is your competitors may be listed on your web page-if they have purchased ads from Google. That may cost you a little business.

2. Just because you get spidered doesn’t guarantee a listing.

Google has a number of criteria in evaluating a site. I would encourage you to pick up this free tool to get an idea of how to optimize your pages:

You should also work to get more linking partners to your site and make sure every page is linked (via a site map) to the other pages on your site.

3. You won’t get rich from AdSense.

While Google rules prohibit me from giving you specific numbers, very few people are making large checks from Google for serving a few ads. For most sites think about AdSense as more of a nice dinner rather than a house payment.

If you want to get noticed quickly by Google, just put up a few AdSense ads-it’s not just free, they’ll pay you for it.

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