Get Smart, Visit These Two Sites

    February 27, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Sometimes you just have to put aside the world of search engines and ad campaigns to read, or write, something a little more fulfilling.

It’s practically heresy to not write about mighty Google or earnest or whatever we can call Yahoo this week (Popular? Foundering?). There comes times when pushing oneself away from the minutiae of search and e-business to just think with the right side of the brain becomes a necessity.

We were reminded of this by an entry on Gary Price’s Resource Shelf about a blog we hadn’t seen previously.

The Britannica Blog (Motto: “Where Ideas Matter”) features posts on a broad selection of topics. Authors for these posts tend to be people who have researched and written material for the venerable Encyclopedia Britannica.

Recent posts consider the religious beliefs of America’s Founding Fathers, the sighting of a coyote in New York’s Central Park, and the always-touchy topic of tort reform. It’s a nice distraction from PPC and click fraud discussions.

The other site has been a fixture in our bookmarks for so long it would have barnacles attached if it were a boat. Arts & Letters Daily (Motto: “Veritas Odit Moras,” or roughly ‘truth hates delay’) may look unfriendly with listings for articles based on de Tocqueville or T.S. Eliot, but thinking so would be judging too soon.

They manage to find a lot of off-the-beaten-path intelligent content that gleefully romps from subject to subject. Summarizing what they cover at Arts & Letters would be like giving bicycle lessons to a goldfish.

Both sites manage to offer the visitor something to think about when it’s time to give Yahoo Panama a break. Really.

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