Get paid for your writings: no non-sense answer

    August 20, 2003

How do you choose what you are going to write about, when your aim is to get paid for your writings? I suppose that it is writing about a topic that people are seeking guidance for or they don’t know what to think about.

If there is a big event, like the Iraqi war for example, and you can write about this event with knowledge and then get published, you have more chances that people will buy to read. This is obvious, isn’t it? So the actual secret is to know what is the topic that is mostly interesting the reader at that moment; it is to write your piece in an original angle and to have a channel to publish your writing to get paid for it. The biggest difficulty is to get original facts about the topic. Millions can elaborate opinions, while few know the facts. Some time it is hard to get unknown facts to work with, so the best way is to deal with known facts and putting them in a new perspective so that they enlighten from another point of view previously shadowed aspects. In my opinion there is nothing more wrong than the belief that facts talk by themselves. Facts are always details and fragments of reality and they need always to be collected and interpreted by a brain/consciousness on both the source side and on the reader side. As a writer your task is to select and interconnect facts so that a higher vision of reality is provided: an understanding that by being grasped would create a whole sense. It is very painful for the writer to have a small amount of facts, as he/she is not able to make any sense out of them; on the other hand, having an overflow of facts presents the same risk of creating non-sense. Facts don’t speak by themselves, unless they are answering organically the Why, the How, the When, the Who and the What questions. So you can still provide value to your readers even though you are not on the field. Your integrity and honesty in collecting the facts from other sources and in organizing them in such a way that you create a new perspective from which to view the same facts, this is a great contribution to the aim of satisfying the need and the right of your readers to know.

If you know all the above what don’t you apply it to get what you want? One of main reasons is that you lack in courage and self-esteem. That’s why you’re not doing what it is necessary to get published and paid. Your writing is like a game, which you play in your private world and in a protected environment like the Internet that offers you the possibility to play this game. You play at the writer game and you behave like a child. You pretend to be a writer. Get out and face your fears. Get it right now, or you will be forever a slave. Your aim is to write for a big publisher; it is to reach millions of readers. How do you do it? You don’t know how and when you know it you lack in courage and self-esteem to put into practice what you know. Action. When you have outlined the steps to be taken then you have to take action. How many times have I got to tell you the same thing? It is about getting out and finding somebody that buys your skills. Who wants to hire a writer without a specific definition of what he writes about? Do you write fiction? Are you an opinion writer? Why do you think that your opinion counts? Why do you think that other would give some of their money to read your opinion? What is so interesting about it? Why finally do you want to write? What is this all about? What is this story with writing? Is it a form of therapy? Is this a way to stay healthy? No. It is about transforming a blank page into a world of sense for you and for all the others out there. Is this blogging useful to your aim of getting paid for you writings? One could say: -Write for a big publisher. Get known. Get on all the Internet pages that count. Find them. Get the news flowing.

Is this blogging network useful to your aim of getting paid for your writings?

It seems that there are people out there that wish to be paid for their blogs and some of them are really making it. Now this blogging network is something very interesting as far as there is a promise of future earnings.

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This illness can be cured. It is very important to understand that you can

Get paid for every word you write. In order to get money to read for what you write, your writing should represent a value that can be added to other people life and should be offered on the marketplace so that your readers can find your product and buy it.

Take the following example: if you write articles for magazines you should research those markets you think you can write for, then write a query with your proposed article and send it to that magazine. That’s the theory.

Why don’t you do it? Because when you see yourself writing your proposal you feel ridiculous, pathetic and you lack in the self- esteem you need to take action towards your goals.

You might have that slave-mentality that I was talking about in another blog, consequently something in yourself makes you think like you were condemned to poverty and failure. This illness can be cured. It is very important to understand that you can improve yourself, rise above your circumstances, and become the master of your destiny.

You ought to destroy the ideas that you’ve stuck in your mind and that keep you away from financial freedom and success by doing what you like to do. I guess that you might have in you this wrong concept that your writing is not worth reading, that you can’t write, that writing is not for you, that if you succeed with your writing you will lose friends, family, job and finally you will get killed. Some ideas or someone is suppressing your ability to write, to improve yourself and to become financially independent with your writings.

Whoever it is, you need to face it and stop its devastating action on you.

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Maurizio Bisogno, graduate in philosophy and former IT Professional,
is the author of several publications and translations.