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In a previous article, we discussed why and how to rank in image searches. The article was based on discussion from the recent Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. Bing’s Todd Schwartz was part of that discussion, and he has now shared additional insight into Bing’s image search.

Sidenote: WebProNews has just uploaded an interview with Google’s R.J. Pittman, who discusses Google Image Search optimiziation.

Todd Schwartz "Behavioral data shows that consumers engage deeply in Image Search tasks, with nearly double the page views per query on average as we see in the more text-centric core search experience," says Schwartz. "Looking at the consumer research, our analyses show that images on a traditional search results page are a big driver of consumer satisfaction, especially for task related queries like buying products, catching up on celebrity gossip, or planning a trip."

"This is one reason why we are seeing images both on the main search results page and within the Image Search verticals," he adds.

A study from Microsoft found that consumers can process results with images 30% faster than results with text only. This data highlights why image search optimization should be of concern to webmasters. In theory, the more you can control your presence in relevant image results, the more traffic you are likely to get.

Schwartz shared some recommendations for image search optimization from Bing’s top image developer:

- Name image files appropriately – For improved relevance, make sure that the file name describes the image appropriately.

– Alternative image text (alt text) matters – For increased optimization, make sure photos are properly described with alternative text tags, and ensure that test within any images is also

– Watch frame breaking – Sites that attempt to break frames make it more difficult for the image to display correctly within search.  Make sure you’re testing your site against the search engines.

Of course Bing is just one piece of the search market puzzle, and not the biggest piece by any stretch of the imagination, but the search engine’s presence is being felt, and it is growing. If that Micosoft Yahoo deal goes through, it will grow very significantly, when Bing results start appearing in Yahoo searches. It still won’t be getting Google’s share, but it will be much more significant.

For more tips on being found in image searches (on both Bing and Google) read this article. For more on being found in Google’s Image search as well as various other Google search engines, check this one out.

Get More Traffic from Bing’s Image Search
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  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Adam

    SEO for images, that’s something that’s probably just a basic web standard more than anything else. Alt tags and suitable image names are all important in search engine optimisation.

  • http://www.medicalmalpracticedallas.com Medical Malpractice Dallas

    Naming the image one of my keywords (like keyword.jpg) as well as using the alt tags is how I do it.

  • http://www.bikeshopcastlehill.com.au Home Solar Power Systems

    Quite interesting article. I do agree with the fact that consumers can process results with images 30% faster than results with text only. Really, Image SEO should be of more concern to webmasters.

  • http://www.kickassseo.com Minneapolis SEO Company

    Thanks for the update on this subject. From our experiences with several websites, the image searches can actually bring a rather significant amount of user traffic for product and service websites. Not sure how such traffic compares to the regular search traffic in term of conversion, but such targeted traffic can only be helpful. SEO for images don’t seem to follow the same rules as regular SEO. It will be nice to have certain standard.

  • http://media-planet.blogspot.com/ Media Planet

    Great post! I’ve been doing SEO Images for quite a while and I really noticed that a part of my daily traffic is coming from Image search.

  • http://www.pspconverterformac.com/ PSP Video Converter for Mac

    Sometimes I can’t search the real image I wanted. I think the accurate of image search is more important.

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    I agree about images besides they add ‘eye candy’ to the site and appropriate tag related to the content. It does bring in traffic and I’ve noticed the increase through this. I guess we should look to image SE’s too for more visibility. :) great info and thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.dotcominfoway.com/mobile-application-development/iphone John Smith

    Informative post.Looks like many people come to Bing for images

  • http://www.vicktrade.com fania

    I love your post. I have reading many yours articles. They are really useful. Thanks very much.

  • http://www.dotCOMReport.com DotCOMReport

    I may just have to do some testing on this and see if it helps traffic. Great reporting as usual.

  • http://stargate-news.com Jarda

    Great post. As i have movie and TV related site i use SEO images as much as i can:) The result is visible in my stats.

  • http://www.homestansted.co.uk/ matt

    with the image name? does it matter how long the text is? and i was always under the impression that leaving spaces in file and image names is bad practice.

  • Josh

    Funny that Bing recommends not breaking out of their HTML frames. Framejacking is bad. Webmasters should always break out of HTML frames.

  • http://newscybertechnology.com/ hary

    thanks dude……..
    i got little traffic for image in search engine

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