Get More Out Google Mobile App Analytics [Android]

    October 16, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google has been putting out some educational videos about how to get more out of Google Analytics, and not just those from the recently launched Analytics Academy offering.

This one is about a half hour long, and features Google engineer Andrew Wales discussing how to get more out of attribution and campaign measurement on Android using Mobile App Analytics.

It runs through: campaigns and universal analytics, Google Play campaign measurement (how it works, implementation, testing and common issues) and general campaign measurement.

Google has been making quite a few changes to Analytics. Get a look at some of the new stuff here.

  • James

    Isn’t this mostly irrelevant since Google announced last week that you can link your Google Play app to Analytics?

  • http://gitgrow.com Santosh Rajan

    Hey Chris

    Thanks for another nice post.

    @James: I don’t think this is irrelevant. I suspect that this refers to what you can do after integrating Google Play into your GA account.

  • http://www.lunettasoftware.com/ Lunetta

    Nice Article. Its very useful.