Germany: Blogs On Their Way To Media

    January 26, 2005

Things are happening in and around the German blogosphere according to BlogInitiativeGermany.

It’s the Jamba case that got it all going. Jan Schmidt writes a good summary of what happened, and draws conclusions valid not only in a German perspective.

Weblogs will increasingly find their place in the communication strategies of organizations. Some of them might use Weblogs as an additional channel for their internal and/or external communication, while others will monitor Blogs for mentions of their products or practices.

Due to processes of intra-media agenda setting, Weblogs and other mass media will get increasingly connected…

Exactly because blogging is not journalism, not private online-exhibitionism and not dysfunctional flaming of other peoples comments, understanding the dynamics of the blogosphere becomes a central task for communication practitioners and researchers alike.

Thanks Klaus for the tip!

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