Geraldo Rivera Tweets Semi-Nude Selfie. Seriously.

    July 22, 2013
    Matt Spencer
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It seems like every other day a nude photo of some celebrity or another is leaked onto the internet. Sometimes those photos are “accidentally” tweeted. Only those celebrities with the utmost confidence in their bodies actually tweet the photos themselves.

Enter 70-year-old Geraldo Rivera.

The elderly news reporter, who is perhaps most well-known for his 90s talk show and current work on Fox News, tweeted a photo of himself shirtless and nearly bottomless, assumedly to show how he is in great shape for a man of his age. The text of the tweet read “70 is the new 50.”

The tweet has since been deleted by Rivera, but that did not stop the rest of Twitter from pouncing on the absurdity of the situation, as well as the unbecoming nature of the photo.

It is hard to say why Rivera would commit a mistake relegated mostly to teenage girls and the occasional young celebrity. Perhaps he just wanted the world to see what the body of a man who has been married five times looks like to be an example for those with such aspirations.

Rivera also announced last month that he would not be running for senate from his home state of New Jersey. Considering that many view Jersey governor Chris Christie’s lap-band surgery as a sign that he will be seeking a presidential nomination, having a physique like Rivera’s may have won a few votes.

  • rudolphrb

    Was that 70 or 7 year old?

  • http://Geraldo Ann

    Ah, what the heck. Looks great for his age so why not flaunt it? I had not realized he’s been married five times! Yea gads! Is it sex and sailing that keep him in great physical shape? :-)

  • Jacy

    Geraldo has always been, shall we say, a bit of an egotist – so I’m not too surprised. I’m sure he has quite a personal collection of ‘selfies.’ Silly old man…his kids must be mortified.

  • impeachobama

    Just what the World needs . Another thing to make it throw up in the Morning. I guess the Left Wing has run out of pictures of the ” First Moose.”
    Now this rendition of Pancho Villa, Bill O’ (bs) Reilly’s favorite reclamation project is just what the Doctor ordered. If it wasn’t for Ol’ Billy , the World would have not only forgotten this Fugitive from Al Capone’s Treasure Chest, but been spared in inane Prattle of that big ” Never Was ” Denis Miller . Hey Geralllldo, let exhale , you’ll bust if you try to hold in that gut too long.

  • surfmtnz

    Fits right in with the other 2 libtards Spitzer and Weeiner boy .

    • james kropp

      Libtard? Wow,so original. Think for yourself dude!

  • http://YAHOO CRACKER

    a cry for help I am 55 and I do not look that bad,,, sad for a old man!!!

  • ocngrl321

    Part of aging is diminishing eyesight- he thinks he still looks like 50 because he can’t see himself!!

  • http://yahoo rubie

    Where is the internet Police when you need them? THIS IS A CRIME IN AT LEAST 50 STATES!!, NO THIS SHOULD BE OUTLAWED ALL OVER THE WORLD!


    Jeraldo is in denial or is he confused about his race? He thinks he is one of the White Boys, but he is not. I am waiting for that day when he will be told to get in the other line made up of Spanish people. I am not wishing him this bad luck or disgrace. I witnessed this kind of episode in my Graduate program when the Professor deliberately asked students to form groups according to their Races. This was nothing personal because we were dealing with the issue of Diversity. One Spanish Lady, being alone, joined with White students. At the time of reckoning, the Professor asked what she was doing in that group. Before she could answer, the Professor asked another question again, “Do you really believe that you are White?” She was so ashamed to the extent that she dropped the course. Be proud to be who you are and represent your people in the best possible way, instead of trying to belong to a group that you will one day be told you do not fit in. Good luck Jeraldo!

  • nubwaxer

    those pink shades are just so gay.

  • Eletha

    Is that what I think it is holdin’ up that towel?

    • spookym

      70 and still holding!

  • Lee

    that’s just gross

  • Johnson

    What a true pathetic scumbag. He was never relevant and never will be luckily we won’t have see such crap from him for much longer.

  • http://yahoo KATHY W


  • kat

    gross and what a lol this man is…why they have him still on tv is beyond me.,,,Ever since him and Jose Baez on his yacht, he become to me having NO moral compass, he has been a joke for a long time.

  • shadow

    who cares….whose to say your sh!t don’t stink….. people makes mistake… as we all do… so give the guy a break.

  • spookym

    Hey! I was hoping for some peen!

  • jenne

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the first symptom of Geraldo’s soon-to-be-diagnosed case of acute dimensia. If he keeps declining at this rate, the next gig he gets will be as the new spokesperson for Depends. Gag level=1000