Geotagging Takes A Bow At Flickr

    August 28, 2006

Flickr, which describes itself as “almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world,” added a feature today that makes the site’s lead even more of a sure thing. Called geotagging, this feature allows users to sort (and search) photos by place.

The FlickrBlog has provided a couple of tutorials, which also features screenshots of the geotags in action. They’re a fairly intuitive feature, but there’s a lengthy list of explanations in the event users need something cleared up. There are also “official help and bug topics in case you have any problems.”

User-friendliness appears to have been a priority. “In the upper right corner you can search for locations – city names, airport codes, US zipcodes and postal codes in several other countries, street addresses (US/Canada only for now, but more soon), many landmarks and points of interest worldwide, even names of neighborhoods in larger cities around the world.” Also, “you drag multiple photos at once for quick mass-geotagging.”

The geotags have received a warm welcome. Dafydd Llyr Pearson wrote in his blog, “I’ve waited for this feature for such a very very long time . . . . You have no idea how pleased I am with this.”

Steve Lacey, “an Englishman in Seattle,” echoed the sentiment. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, and finally it’s here,” he wrote. “Expect to see a lot of location based image mashups appearing very soon.”

By adding geotagging, Flickr has accomplished something directly related to its second main goal: “to enable new ways of organizing photos.” This feature isn’t debuting here, of course, but I still think it counts.


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