Georgia School Shooting: Arrest Made, No Deaths

    August 20, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Today began like any other for students at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia. Some of the elementary-aged children were no doubt worried about an upcoming test or homework assignment, but aside from that, all seemed peaceful and uneventful for the ensuing Tuesday’s school day. All of that changed, however, when an un-named gunman bypassed the school’s authorization system and proceeded to take captives in the school’s front office, where he ordered one woman to contact the police and local news station. Reportedly, gunshots could be heard in the background of these calls.

Children were evacuated from the building, led by teachers and police men into back parking lots, school buses, and a large field near the school. SWAT team members were also present at the school, and reportedly returned fire once the gunman, still inside the school, proceeded to fire shots at them. The video below shows images of the school children being evacuated, as well as police and SWAT team personnel
outside the school grounds.

The suspect was eventually captured and taken into custody, and is now being questioned by police. Fortunately, no injuries or deaths were reported, and all children were accounted for and found safe. After being evacuated, the children were loaded on to school buses to be taken to a nearby Walmart so that they could reunite with their parents.

No allegations or charges have yet been confirmed against the gunman. The man reportedly used an assault rifle during his invasion, and police confiscated other weapons from him after taking him into custody. As of yet, there is no clear motive for his actions, and police do not believe that he had any former ties to the school. Hopefully more light will be shed as the story develops. For now, the writer’s heart goes out to all the children and parents involved as they are reunited with one another.

  • Hmmm….

    It is weird. Just the other day, I was reading an article in the newspaper where Georgia spent lots of time setting people up on the internet. They even partnered with a vigilante group that was under federal investigation for fraud in three separate incidents around the country and even though the state of Wisconsin levied an entrapment verdict against the vigilante group, Georgia still worked with them.

    The police in Georgia can spend time setting people up on the internet, but they can not spend time protecting real kids in school?

    Then again, setting up people on the internet brings in a lot of money in terms of fines, fees, and bond money. Plus you don’t really have to prove anything. All the cases are based on “we think” and “if” statements. I guess protecting real children in real life situations costs too much money.

    Call me crazy but we should put more emphasis on real crimes and on real situations. Not some made up situations.