George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Says "He Always Gets Off"

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George Zimmerman may have been acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin, but he's certainly made headlines in recent months for other acts of violence. Now, a police video of his girlfriend's statement shows just how scared she is of him, despite what she said in a statement.

27-year old Samantha Scheibe called the police on Zimmerman in November, saying he had threatened her with a gun and was breaking her belongings after a fight. He was arrested and, after his release, made to wear a monitoring device. He was also banned from having any guns or ammo in his possession. Scheibe told police that Zimmerman had choked her earlier that week, but she didn't call for help at that time.

Scheibe later said in a statement that she wanted the charges against her boyfriend dropped because the officers "misinterpreted" what she told them.

“I want to be with George,” Scheibe said in a sworn statement. “I do not want George Zimmerman charged. I make this decision freely, knowingly and voluntarily, without any intimidation coercion or undue influences. I believe that the police misinterpreted me and that I may have misspoken about certain facts in my statement to the police… George never pointed a gun at or toward my face in a threatening manner,” she says. “Further, I request that the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office not be allowed to harass me because I do not wish to take part in any prosecution of this case on behalf of the State.”

In her interview video, Scheibe seems to tell a different story, telling officials that she didn't call police after Zimmerman choked her the first time because she felt like he "always gets off".

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