George Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector Day After Incident

By: Richard Stalker - June 26, 2012

Sometimes it seems that there are a lot of things that we still do not know about the whole George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin incident that we should know by now. What we found out today goes further into explaining why the Sanford Florida police Department did not arrest Zimmerman for murder. Because they do not think he murdered anyone.

The day after the shooting took place that killed Martin, Sanford homicide investigator Chris Serino requested that George Zimmerman come into the station to take a lie detector test. Along with questions about whether his first name was George and if it was Monday, Zimmerman was asked, “Did you confront the guy you shot?’ He answered, “No.” He was also asked, “Were you in fear for your life, when you shot the guy.” Zimmerman replied, “Yes.”

Before you wonder if he was anyway strong armed into taking the test, he went there without council and did sign a waiver.

This all goes to show that special prosecutor Angela Corey is completely swinging for the fences in asking a jury to convict this man of second degree murder. That is what happened with the Casey Anthony trial, the prosecutor asked for what was essentially the death penalty and couldn’t prove it. Now in this case we have the defendant telling the truth not only on a lie detector but also a voice stress test, and we have no witnesses.

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  • Autonomous

    Is it really that hard to keep your eye on the ball? The bottom line is that if the idiot Zimmermann had followed instructions and not confronted the kid in the first place, none of us would have heard of either of them. He needs to do time in prison to think about that. Hopefully, he’ll become some bad man’s girlfriend in the pen.

    • http://webpronenews Jay

      Hmmmmmm read story above he specifically said no he did not confront the kid. The non-emergent responder on the phone told him to go get the address where he was near on the way back the kid came from behind him and basically decked him. get your facts right before spouting off. The kid was unsupervised criminal bottom line. I don’t blame the kid, but the parents.

      • Tina

        I think what he meant was that Zimmerman had no business profiling, following, observing, whatever you want to call it, the kid in the first place. Let’s hypothetically say that everything Zimmerman says is true about what happened, while he may not have “confronted” Martin, what made Martin attack (hypothetically) was the fact that Zimmerman was following him. We know this based on the 911 call he phoned in as well as Martin’s girlfriend who was on the phone with him before the incident on which he told her he was being followed….that is followed for no apparent reason other than the fact that he was a “suspicious” looking (black) kid in the wrong neighborhood.

      • Katie

        How did the kid come up from behind? Was Zimmerman following the kid by leading the way? Especially when Zimm was in a car?!?!

        • Barbara

          Katie…if you live in Florida…perhaps you might be a good juror.

    • cori t

      What you just said is half the problem in this country . We should all sit by AND DO NOTHING when we see something happening as long as its not happening to YOU right now . This community had a staggering number of break ins , and if you think someone confronting and unknown youth walking around to prevent this is were the problem is , you need to stop and rethink . Maybe we should all consider the fact that it is just very sad this young man didn’t know how to conduct himself as a normal , civilized , rational , manor and simply say “my name is Trayvon and I live here with my Dad ” ” hey sorry we have had alot of break ins just making sure what you were doing here sorry to bother you ” I am the only one who sickened this is not the way this happened . Use your head people , That young man could have been green with purple spots wearing hoody , and Zimmerman still would have stopped to see what was going on , because he was looking for things out of the norm to help prevent crimes and protect people. And just a fyi most people looking to profile and kill another race certainly would not be on the phone with the police while they are doing it . This entire story has been driven by hate from the start , the real racism came from those just wanting to profit from this young man’s death and get their 2 mins of fame.

  • IWright

    “However, voice stress testing (of any kind) is without scientific basis and has never been proven to work at better than chance levels of accuracy. A job posting by the Sanford P.D. indicates that the specific variety of voice stress testing it uses is the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), which is marketed by the so-called National Institute for Truth Verification (NITV), a West Palm Beach, Florida limited liability corporation. NITV has acknowledged in federal court that “the CVSA is not capable of lie detection” (though it claims the opposite in its marketing materials).”
    Material from Sanford Police Department Relied on Voice Stress Analysis in Trayvon Martin Shooting Investigation

  • Lily

    The eye on the ball is that people should be able to defend their homes or themselves. If the law in that state allows you to carry a gun, then it shouldn’t be held against someone just because the black community saids so. Truth is the truth. Terrorists try to get their way by the same means and we don’t let them. We shouldn’t let blacks make their own laws and bully our courts and police to get their way.


      You are so right.

    • Honey

      I’m sorry, but are you living in real life?

      ” it shouldn’t be held against someone just because the black community saids so.”

      So the black community is the only group speaking out against this?? Or did you just make a huge fallacious assumption to support your false argument that the only reason Zimmerman is under fire is “the black community?”

      “people should be able to defend their homes or themselves.” And Zimmerman was totally defending himself when he followed this kid around in his car then out of his car, calling the police on him and reporting him as “suspicious” when he was just walking home from a store.

      And are you really comparing this issue to terrorism?

      “We shouldn’t let blacks make their own laws and bully our courts and police to get their way.”

      Because “blacks” TOTALLY have the upper hand in the courts and huge influence on public policy in America!

    • Andre’

      Did you say blacks lol wow I hate the south

  • Donaciano

    I agree with Autonomous…I never hardly hear that Zimmerman was disobedient and was the actual aggressor in the situation, only until the kid got the upper hand was “his life in danger”. Race has nothing to do with this, it was just stupity.

  • Tina

    I’d also like to add that this so-called “article” is extremely biased and only tells part of the full story (the source of which is NOT attributed and I doubt it’s original news reporting).

    The results of the lie detector test actually come with more documents FOIA’ed by news organizations. These documents include a full police report obtained by US TODAY and other news groups in which the lead investigator of the case noted several inconsistencies with Zimmerman’s story, despite the passing of the lie detector test, including the reason Zimmerman GOT OUT OF HIS CAR to follow Martin and his perception of Martin (that he feared him).

    Ultimately, the investigator concluded in the report that “the tragedy was avoidable by Zimmerman”…and THAT, my friends, is what is wrong with this case, the fact that, whether or not Martin attacked Zimmerman first and had a deviant past, the whole situation was avoidable by ZIMMERMAN, the killer.

    Here is a link to the USA TODAY story:

  • Unsure

    Just because he passed a Lie Detector Test doesn’t really mean anything. There are ways to beat those test. You can find out on the internet. And him signing a waiver to council can back this theory up. I’m not saying he beat the test, I’m just saying that since there are ways to beat them, you can’t be sure.

  • JoJo

    yeah yeah yeah….If GZ had flunked the tests or refused to take them, the traybots would swear by the lie detector test as full proof and the zim bots would call them into question. There’s no question where the line is drawn on this case and it’s a shame. The bottom line is that GZ was asked direct questions about the incident by a guy that didn’t believe him and his answers were found to be truthful. He also agreed to come and take these tests without coercion knowing full well the impact their findings might have. Appears as though he believes he is innocent and wanted that known early on

    • Idealist_AL

      A “mistake” is coming home with Tide, instead of Cheer…
      When you’re in a position where you wield the power of life and death you shouldn’t be making ‘mistakes’.

      3 Words “I’m Neighborhood Watch” could have saved one life, and kept another from being ruined.

      Having said that, it seems excessive to charge GZ with Murder, as opposed to Manslaughter, negligent homicide or whatever.
      It turns the case into an all or nothing for the jury and all or nothing rarely works for juries.

      BTW How’d he go thru over 100K in 4 months?

  • Mike

    You people kill me. The dispatcher didn’t say not to follow Trayvon. She said “You don’t have to do that”

    I find it interesting that the naysayers here claim the lie detector as invalid for Zimmerman as he passed it, and invalid for OJ when he failed it.

    According to the lie detector test Zimmerman didn’t confront the kid, and feared for his life. If those both are true, then all else matters not. He is innocent.

    It means he wasn stupid for following the kid who had a troubled past. It also still means that he should have kept his distance and waited for the police to show up.

    Getting out of the car was a mistake. But it wasn’t illegal. Trayvon Martim jumping Zimmerman was illegal.

  • Barbara

    GZ did not take a “lie detector” test, he took two “stress tests.” The accuracy of “stress tests” in detecting deception is equivalent to “flipping a coin.” Also, when GZ was asked, “Did you fear for your life?” He responded, “Yes.” In CCW class, the first thing learned is if you shoot someone, you say, “I feared for my life!” And you say it with conviction. And, since February, we’ve learned that GZ tells many lies.

  • Leslie Ann Warren

    I’m Gettin Tired Of Hearin Abt Crazy George Zimmerman, His Family, & Lawyers??!! =(

  • floydhowardjr

    This is part of the last ditch efforts of the Obama Democrats and their criminal press and their (lL)Legal Ambulance chasers. They will stoop to any subterfuge, fabricate any slander and murder by proxy, physically and ethically. Zimmermans response should be how can I get my life back and 2 billion dollars that the liberal press owes me for bringing horrendous, egregious defamation of character that may be terminal for him. Shame on the (In)Justice Department for their renegade political hits. To all people I say we have to hold responsible those who use this to foment race war. War it is. War it shall be, unless responsible citizens stop the madness. Is this the country we leave our progeny?