George Zimmerman: One Year of Fans and Foes

    July 10, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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It was one year ago that George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin. It was a case and a verdict that polarized a nation, perhaps more than any since the O.J. Simpson trial.

Recently, a Quora discussion asked the question: What one person’s death would have the greatest impact on the world today? Many responded with the names of presidents, world leaders, religious figures, celebrities. But, as one person pointed out, Trayvon Martin was a nobody outside of his own family and friends, but his death affected the nation profoundly.

And the name of the man that killed him still sparks emotional responses in a wide swathe of people. George Zimmerman’s life has never been the same since the trial. But he has a life.

After the trial, Zimmerman had loads of legal bills. He has tried to pay those down in a few different ways. Most recently, he tried suing NBC for their selective quoting of the 911 call from the fateful night he killed Martin. He alleged that NBC’s actions made him look like a racist in the eyes of the nation, and thus he accused them of defamation of character.

But a judge tossed out Zimmerman’s suit.

Before that, there was the infamous pay-per-view boxing match with DMX that never materialized. Word is that the match may be back on, but little has come of it so far.

His girlfriend accused him of threatening her with a gun, then dropped the charges.

Zimmerman has been seen as the “celebrity guest” at a gun show in Florida, signing autographs for folks who see him as a “stand your ground” hero of the Second Amendment. He was accompanied by the same girlfriend from above.

Zimmerman is still as polarizing a figure as ever. And people seem to be divided along political party lines in terms of for or against him.

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  • Guest

    for all you people that think that gz is a hero for killing an unarmed teen to bad it was not your teen l would like to see if you would fell the same way

    • Hapless Student

      I am glad you are a “guest” because we could probably look you up and find that your kid is a gang banger if you used your real name.

      • jay

        You are the ASS is ASSumption.

    • joe

      my teen is not a thug, is yours lol

      • jay

        Either way, it proves NOTHING. Being a “thug” is not illegal.

        There is a comparison of Trayvon and Justin Bieber. Bieber is the same just white.

    • Reed10

      If it were my child, I wouldn’t have gone after Zimmerman. I would be devastated by the loss, but since my child (just like Trayvon) was constantly getting into trouble, I wouldn’t have pressed charges.

      • Hapless Student

        @Reed10. I have two children one who is “good” and one who is “lost”. I do agree with you.

  • oldsoldierboy

    TM case solved: To solve this case you first have to step outside the box. Subplot # 1 of 3. A frightened teen running from his creepy stalker and killer looks good on paper towards a conviction but the reality is there’s only 3 possible scenarios.

    1. TM ran and a speedy GZ chased him down and killed him.

    2. TM ran and then came back an attacked GZ even though GZ was to slow to catch him.

    3. TM didn’t run because he had no reason to and never realized he was being followed.

    I’ll take scenario # 3.

    It’s the real reason GZ attacked TM in the dark while holding a working flashlight in his hand (Recording #3 @ 2:50) and (Recording #5 @ 1:38). The element of surprise was still on his side. Clubhouse video also confirmed that somebody flashlight was on as they walked along the east perimeter of the building.

    NEC timeline:

    7:09:34 start of NEC

    7:10:32 He’s coming towards me

    7:10:56 He’s coming to check me out

    7:11:40 He’s running (nobody runs from a man sitting in a parked truck who’s talking on his cell phone with windows rolled up) When is the last time you found this situation scary enough to run from? Answer: never

    7:11:46 GZ opens truck door

    7:12:06 TM answers Jeantel’s incoming call 26 seconds AFTER GZ claimed he was running. Question? Why discuss whether or not to run from the creepy K when you’re ALREADY RUNNING from the creepy K. This is the contradiction that seals the case.

    Please see my entire comment at trayvon dot axiomamnesia dot com under documents.

  • jay

    Fans of a killer? People make me sick.

    • Reed10

      The people who are pro-Trayvon are sicker.

  • Gina McGill

    It was a Setup -Zimmerman knew about Martin https://ginamcgill.com/set/

  • abe

    Zim is free and the thug is dead. Something to celebrate every year on July 13th.