George Zimmerman: Lawyer Follows Wife Off Ship

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George Zimmerman: Lawyer Follows Wife Off Ship
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George Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’mara quit today and said he will no longer represent the man acquitted of murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin, right as police say that Zimmerman or his wife could face charges over Monday’s domestic dispute.
Zimmerman’s attorney, made the announcement one day after Shellie Zimmerman called police to say that George had assaulted her father and threatened her, leaving her “very, very scared.”

Police said today they are still investigating the incident and that either George or his wife Shellie Zimmerman could eventually face charges.
ABC News reports that Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson said that George Zimmerman and Shellie’s father, Colin Morgan, got into an altercation in which they “put hands on each other,” although he didn’t know if they punched or shoved one another.

Shellie Zimmerman reportedly claimed in a 911 call that her husband punched her father in the nose. During the 911 call, Mrs.Zimmerman also reported that George Zimmerman had a gun, a claim that police later refuted, saying there was not a gun found at the scene and that no one, including Shellie Zimmerman, said anything about a weapon during the argument.

Investigators are trying to a watch video of the conflict captured on Shellie Zimmerman’s iPad, which was smashed into pieces. The iPad is being looked at by forensic examiners who hope to see what happened during the conflict, police said at a news conference today. None of the individuals wanted to press charges, however, police are now looking into whether George or Shellie Zimmerman could face charges over the conflict, and are trying to piece together the iPad video to help the investigation, Hudson said.

“No one has seen the video on the iPad. It’s in a couple of different pieces. Shellie was the one filming on the iPad,” Hudson said. “It’s either going to be George or Shellie who will be prosecuted if anybody is going to be prosecuted.”

Cops have already reviewed dashcam video taken by officers who responded to the argument that erupted as the spouses each collected belongings from the home on Monday afternoon. With guns drawn, the officers ordered George Zimmerman to get out of his car, walk backwards with his hands in the air and get down on his knees before they cuffed him, video released Tuesday showed.

O’Mara will not represent Zimmerman in the upcoming divorce proceedings. we knew trouble was brewing when O’Mara appeared to struggle with his anger at his client during Monday’s incident in which he went to Zimmerman’s house while police were still there. During a press conference later, O’Mara was asked if he had any advice for Zimmerman, and he answered, “Pay me.”

Zimmerman’s wife said that her husband has been acting as if he’s “invincible” since his acquittal in July. He has twice been caught speeding since the end of his murder trial and he made a controversial visit to the Kel-Tec gun factory, the manufacturer that made the weapon he used to kill Martin.

George Zimmerman: Lawyer Follows Wife Off Ship
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  • Kim

    I think the guilt of him getting away with Murder is starting to catch up to him. He thinks he got away with that by lying out his butt, he can do anything and the police aren’t going to do anything to him because he knows how to play the system. And that’s all he did was played the System and walked. But now his wife and his Lawyer are catching on to his game and everything is going to come and bite himself in the Bunzzzz. and I truly hope it ends with him behind bars for a very long time. He should’ve taken the money in the Defense fund and paid his Lawyer because he’s hanging himself with just enough rope.

    • Adam Kadmon

      I see him as an O.J. Given time, he’ll do just like O.J. and end up in the cell next door.

  • http://www.destinattorneyjohngreene.com/ Jared

    This guy must feel really guilty…that’s why he’s trying to make sure he goes to jail like he should have in the first place.

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