George Zimmerman: Judge Orders Bond Revoked

    June 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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George Zimmerman, the Florida man who shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin in February while he was walking home from the store, has just had his $150,000 bond revoked by the judge presiding over the case. The prosecutor, Bernardo de la Rionda, said that Zimmerman and his family lied about their finances at his bail hearing in April, saying they had limited funds, but new evidence points to the contrary. He must now surrender himself within 48 hours.

“It was misleading and I don’t know what other words to use except it was a blatant lie,” the lawyer said.

The shooting garnered national attention, with some people saying it was racially motivated (Zimmerman is of Hispanic descent, Martin of African-American) and an example of complete injustice. Zimmerman and Martin were allegedly engaged in a physical altercation after Zimmerman–a neighborhood watch captain–followed him down the street for “looking suspicious”. He then fatally shot the teen. Witnesses have come forward but details about the event are sketchy at best.

Zimmerman plead not guilty to charges of 2nd degree murder, saying it was self defense.

  • Robert


    Double jeopardy is subject to the dual sovereignty doctrine. This doctrine states that a person can be tried for the same crime twice if he or she is being tried by more than one distinct, sovereign government. This means that a person could be tried by the federal government and by a state government for the same crime. Both entities are distinctly sovereign units that have their own sets of laws and their power derived from different sets of people. No one, however, can be tried twice by the same state, or twice by the federal government.

    The petition addresses the DOJ policy that guides them in deciding whether or not to bring federal charges against someone after a person has already been tried by a state.


    Or go to change.org and search for BREUER

  • http://yahoo Debbie

    George Zimmerman is not going to get a fair trial as long as he stays in Central Florida. The man and his family are in danger, why the courts won’t let him relocate to another state is amazing. but like some of the posts have stated this is Election Year. So you can bet this won’t be a fair trial. The judges are most likely thinking about smoothing over the tensions in the community. This is a most unfortunate situation for all involved. But until the truth is dug up and released, things won’t be good. For once why don’t some of these High Profile Preachers that are good at stirring things up come and see what they can do to help calm things down?