George Zimmerman Attends Gun Show

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George Zimmerman attended a gun expo in Florida over the weekend, where he spoke with supporters and told local reporters that he carries a gun in public due to the numerous death threats he still receives.

Zimmerman said that although he didn't feel he would be threatened at the gun show, his own semi-automatic handgun was there just in case.

"It's part of life. It's unfortunately necessary right now," he said.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted last July in the fatal shooting of teen Trayvon Martin, says he moves around a lot and attends events at which he's been asked to be a guest speaker.

"I just try to be smart where I go," he said.

Zimmerman didn't comment on his most recent legal battle, which involves a road rage incident in which he allegedly told another driver he would shoot him.

The Trayvon Martin case polarized the nation and sent political groups into a frenzied debate over gun control laws; it also threw a spotlight on the controversial "stand your ground" law.

Amanda Crum
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