George Takei: Utah, Boldly Change Your Gay Stance


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George Takei, widely known for his role as Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek series, is currently dealing with another breed of species-- politicians.

While promoting his part in the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, gay activist Takei set his phasers on kill when addressing Utah's current decision to dismiss all same-sex marriages that were performed when they were briefly allowed. Fox News tells us that according to Takei, over 2,600 people fit into this category, and now their marriages suddenly have no legal standing. Mr.Sulu Takei bluntly accredits Utah politicians decision to "stupidity."

In pleasant news, Takei will play a major part in the Comic Con convention that will be held in April and September in Utah. The April convention has impressively sold out already, while the September one is also filling fast. According to Comic Con, The FanXperience is held by the same organization, but includes exclusive features such as the Kid Con Pavillion, longer hours, increased social activities and more. Takei hosted the pre-event on Friday, and met with fans to take pictures and autographs. He told a Utah newspaper that it is "good manners" to thank fans of Star Trek-- Trekkies were pleased,

...and Comic Con raked in even more profit with the free event charging for photographs and autographs with Takei.

Takei is happy to hang with fans at the ComicCon in Utah, and is also pleased with promoting his Sundance Film Festival-selected documentary "To Be Takei" there as well-- although he still thinks Utah politics are …illogical. Can't win them all. Maybe next light year for Utah.