George Takei: Utah, Boldly Change Your Gay Stance

    January 19, 2014
    Aleyia Dixon
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George Takei, widely known for his role as Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek series, is currently dealing with another breed of species– politicians.

While promoting his part in the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, gay activist Takei set his phasers on kill when addressing Utah’s current decision to dismiss all same-sex marriages that were performed when they were briefly allowed. Fox News tells us that according to Takei, over 2,600 people fit into this category, and now their marriages suddenly have no legal standing. Mr.Sulu Takei bluntly accredits Utah politicians decision to “stupidity.”

In pleasant news, Takei will play a major part in the Comic Con convention that will be held in April and September in Utah. The April convention has impressively sold out already, while the September one is also filling fast. According to Comic Con, The FanXperience is held by the same organization, but includes exclusive features such as the Kid Con Pavillion, longer hours, increased social activities and more. Takei hosted the pre-event on Friday, and met with fans to take pictures and autographs. He told a Utah newspaper that it is “good manners” to thank fans of Star Trek– Trekkies were pleased,

…and Comic Con raked in even more profit with the free event charging for photographs and autographs with Takei.

Takei is happy to hang with fans at the ComicCon in Utah, and is also pleased with promoting his Sundance Film Festival-selected documentary “To Be Takei” there as well– although he still thinks Utah politics are …illogical. Can’t win them all. Maybe next light year for Utah.

  • Peter

    Some aging actor thinks Utah politicians are “stupid” for not allowing the gay marriages that people rushed into? I think the judge was stupid for not staying his ‘opinion’ pending the time for appeal like he was supposed to. And I also think two people of the same sex who sleep together and try claiming it is “marriage” is stupid. It is co-habitation, not marriage.

    • shade421

      So if a man and a woman get “married” are they merely co-habitating as well? Even Spock can see the hole in your logic…

      • Peter

        MARRIAGE is for a man/woman, husband/wife, father/mother. They create children who have a male/female and father/mother to raise them. God has said so. Nature says so. Tradition says so. The American voters say so. Common sense says so. As I stated, homosexual relationships are co-habitation and not marriage. The hole, my friend, is in YOUR logic. Twisting and forcing a natural, physical and moral impossibility does not make it right no matter how hard you try, how loud you yell, how hard you stomp your feet or how much you decide to take offense. In the end, you are still wrong.

        • Wayne

          God also said not to judge others, yet here you are, sinning by judging. Quit picking and choosing your excerpts from the Bible because they suit your personal beliefs. And quit trying to make our society a theocracy. As a Christian, that makes me sick. We do not serve God by promoting Old Testament values. Those were all supplanted by the New Testament. If you must open your mouth, preach the Gospel as you were commanded. And the Gospel does not include “thou shalt not be gay.”

          • Matt

            Jesus also defined marriage as a man and women in the New Testament. And Peter is not judging. He is arguing his point, its called debating. He has a strong, multifaceted argument. You do not, forcing you to attack him as a person. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

        • Lisa

          1) Nature says so? Yeah you’re right, except for ALL species or other primates. Several avian species, dolphins, wolves, foxes, giraffes, lions, sheep, bison and many many other breeds of animals… homosexuality NEVER appears in nature.

          2)God says so! He also says, and I paraphrase, “If your son is a pain in the ass, take him out and publicly stone him to death!” 1 Cor 7 (new testament) says men can’t have sex with women, further on it FORBIDS divorce. Your imaginary man in the sky also gives vital lessons on how to treat your slaves, sell your daughters; and that, in the right circumstances, incest is perfectly fine, so too is genocide — yeah, we want to listen to this sick bastard!

          3) Before any bible thumper (likely one who’s never read the bible) can bemoan it: Sanctity of marriage! You mean like Brittany Spears’ 55 hour marriage? How about the vast outlaw of interracial marriages, only 50 years ago, in the USA? Arranged marriages, multiple marriages, better than 50% divorce rate, subjugation of women, countless cases of spousal abuse… it all sounds very sacred to me!

          4) Create children? Under your convoluted and delusional logic; barren couples, elderly couples and others, unable to conceive – or chose not to – are merely cohabitating, since their marriage could not possibly be valid. Besides, since the 1960s, there has been an unendingly increasing number of unwed mothers. So much for the theory about marriage = requirement for childbirth.

          5) Lastly, given that the US was founded on a PAGAN belief system (Lady Liberty and the vast majority of Washington DC was paid in homage to the Pagan Goddess Columbia – She’s the Columbia pictures icon and her statue even stands on top of the capitol building!); plus, the concept of separation of church and state; leaving your imaginary friend out of it – hence, keep thy religion to thyself – what argument do you have now? Oh, you don’t like it? Cool – then don’t sleep with people of the same gender and ignore what others are doing behind their own doors!

          • Beau

            While I will not get into the debate over right or wrong on homosexuality or he marriage issue. I do want to set the record straight on Lisa’s issue # 5.
            The U.S. was no founded on the Pagan belief system and there are multiple references to God in the various documents the founding fathers wrote and in every Preamble of every state in the Union

            The statue Freedom stands atop the U.S. Capitol. She does share some similar traits to Columbia but is not an exact replica.

            Finally, the concept of separation of church and state is NOT in the Constitution o part of the Bill of Rights. It was first used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to a Baptist church in reference to keeping government out of religion not the other way around. It became used by politician’s and lawyers when Chief Justice Hugo Black incorrectly referred to the non-existent statement.

        • booch

          As the Dude in the Big Lebowski, said: “That’s just your opinion, man.” To express it with such “certainty” and an attitude that says everyone should agree with you shows what a shallow moron you are.

        • http://www.lacasting.com kanni bassativa

          “Straight” people will always have “extra” children they can’t pay for or don’t want; even more so when abortion rights are limited. Married same sex couples wanting children will cover the Straight people mistakes and be the real parents and the species will go on!

    • http://www.lacasting.com kanni bassativa

      PETER (tee hee Peter) what this means is ALL LEGAL CONTRACTS in Utah are now VOID! ALL CONSENTING ADULTS IN THE US have a right to enter into contracts. Marriage is a CONTRACT (aka marriage contract – contracts for illegal activities cannot be enforced) The government cannot single out a contract used by millions of other consenting adults and say that the same contract cannot be used by others. IT IS ALL OR NOTHING UTAH. Your leaders chose to void ALL contracts. LET THE ANARCHY BEGIN

  • Rebel

    Because by terming it “marriage” they will receive the same rights as everyone else. That’s the whole point. Why is that such a big deal? Why does anyone care? How does that affect heterosexuals? There is no legal, historic, financial, medical or moral dilemma here. By the way, what is deemed “moral” should only include things that are actually a danger to the public in REALITY. If some church or religious group doesn’t agree, that’s fine. I can respect their beliefs and defend their right to believe it, but if they are going to meddle in the lives of American taxpayers and their “pursuit of happiness” then they should lose their tax exempt status. You don’t want the government to bother you? Then don’t discriminate against taxpayers that may or may not share your belief system. There is no national religion in America. Anything that is in the realm of faith, doesn’t apply in lawmaking. Only reason and public safety matter. The only people who are against the term “marriage” for gay people are the religious, or those politicians that are trying to curry the favor of the religious, at the polling booths. Separation of church and state. Case closed.

    • Woodrow Minchener

      I am a taxpayer and I can vote and campaign for what ever I like. Homosexuals make me sick. It has nothing to do with religion. Case closed.

      • shade421

        Stupidity makes me sick…
        I just threw-up reading the prattle from your mind!

      • Melanie Jean Mayfield

        BIGOTS make me sick! Hating gays is as evil as hating people with different skin/hair/eye color. Did you CHOOSE what coloring you were born with or which hand you write with? No. You were BORN however you were born. DEAL with it. Same sex couples deserve the same rights and respect as opposite-sex couples. I supposde you think interracial marriage should [still] be illegal.

      • Rich

        I’m a straight and pretty well educated guy. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the dumbest thing in our society is the belief in the Bible and Christianity. Case closed.

        • Matt

          Then you are not that well educated. If it wasn’t for Christianity, America probably would not exist in its current form. The Bible was a chief instrument for the development of the Constitution and the Civil Rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr. was a a Reverend after all. Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln were all deeply religious men.

          • Lisa

            Actually, the bible had nothing to do with the constitution or American independance. In fact, in the 1st amendment, the constitution states “congress shall make no law respecting religion…” The concept of church and state here. Where in the the entire US judicial system and in any one of its founding documents does the word, “Christian,” appear?

            In fact, the vast majority of our founding fathers were not christian, at all. Many of them were pagans. Next time you’re in Washington D.C. take a look atop the Capitol Building. That’s not Benjamin Franklin up there, that is a statue honoring the pagan goddess Columbia… Ever why it’s called, “the district of Columbia”? Now you know. Columbia was a pagan goddess of liberty and freedom.

            Next, where would our nation be without Christianity or religion? Well, given the fact we would have suffered less war or “conflicts,” better populated. Less money would have been spent on the military and more into education, housing and healthcare. There are more empty homes than there are homeless – but christian values determine these broke, homeless people are not worthy to live in them. The whole women’s suffrage movement? That never would have happened. Why? It would not have needed to happen. Look at Celtic tradition, women have been equal with men for thousands of years. Medical advancements, scientific research in various fields would be far advanced at where it is now … stem cell research halted for 8 years, due to a presidential moron who still believes the earth is only 6,000 years old! The whole Bush administration would never have happened. We also would not have people, such as: Batsh*t Bachman or the Westboro Baptists or FOX news.

            In history, we would not have had the inquisitions, witch burnings, Bloody Mary wouldn’t of had anything to complain about, the crusades, Friday the 13th (research the knights Templar), countless wars, hatred, bigotry or the bubonic plague (christians though cats were minions of satan and killed them all – rodent population exploded, so too did their fleas – 1/3 of the population died). We also would have never experienced 9/11.

            Religious fanaticism was fully responsible for the dark ages. It was called “the Dark Ages,” not because of an unusual amount of cloud cover, for 1,000 years, but because of a moratorium on scientific advancement. For nearly 1,000 years… we invented nothing, solved nothing and learned nothing. Anyone who tried to do so was put to a horrendous death. Sort of like the Christians who kill abortion doctors – funny how that are “Pro-Life”, yet their majority also supports the death penalty.

            Where would be be without religion? We would be a happier nation, where lifespans were longer; few, if any homeless; extreme advances in science and medicine, not to mention a vastly reduced dependence on fossil fuels; better educated people, with a proper health care system; our sons and daughters in Iraq would have never left home to begin with – let us not forget those who would still be alive.

      • Lisa

        I was once in a convenience store, wherein, two other patrons were in the store at same time. One was a quite obviously a gay man – trust me, you knew he was gay from a mile away – that obvious! The other was an individual with the same mindset as you (found gays to be sick and detestable). This second individual had no difficulties in speaking his mind and belittling the gay man’s status in life. In short time, I spoke up and said, “You know, I don’t like beets. I find them detestable and tastes a lot like flavored wet dirt to me. Although I will never see them on my table, they are likely to be in other places I may be. Do you know what I do about this food choice I find to be an abomination? If others prefer to partake in them, fine – I don’t begrudge them. But me, personally, don’t eat them! I’m not the least bit curious to try them ever again and they will never be found on my plate!”

        The man walked off in a huff, citing how he thought “it was wrong!” The gay man thanked me and invited me for a coffee. As he and I spoke and got to know each other a bit, I’d discovered that he was in town for his work. In two days time, he was to be fighting for the WBC light heavyweight world title.

        Given that new insight, I wonder which man I actually protected? Still, if you don’t like beets, you don’t have to eat them. However, if others do like them… hey, to each their our vices.

      • http://www.lacasting.com kanni bassativa

        Mormans make me sick. Now when YOU say “makes me sick” are you talking an itchy sore throat (oral sex) or a two week flu with vomiting and explosive diarrhea.

  • PirateRo

    You know what’s moral here? Helping one another to live their lives, to achieve goals, to stop people from living in poverty, provide medicine, shelter and food.

    ENABLING people to live their lives however they want. Not wage slaves, not people “paying their own way in the on-your-own society” but a society that ensures NO ONE lacks and that moves forward together.

    The other stuff here is just crap shoveled out by pigs.

    • Eagle1

      Wrong. I didn’t take the whole country to raise. Creating laws that we can all abide by is the job of legislators. There is no need to help people boost their drug or alcohol habits, have more babies when they can’t afford them, and pay for something they can get on their own with a little work. If you don’t like the way things work here then you can move someplace that fits your ideals. See how that works for you.

  • Vic

    Another show I won’t be watching.

  • Rick

    Was hoping this was good news, like he died of aids.THAT would put a smile on my face.

    • Lisa

      Those two short lines speak so many volumes about you…

      Someone you do not know, who lives somewhere you have never been; because he LOVES someone of whom you have never heard, you have the right and desire to hate and wish him dead. Typical Christian values at work here?

      It’s also quite easy to detect that, although you may claim to be str8, you seldom – if ever – get the opportunity to indulge your carnal urges with live company. There is a reason for this. Sure, you may have your good qualities, but your hatred for others, coupled with your adulation for their demise (that’s right – kill everyone who doesn’t think and behave the way you think and believe) … as a woman, let me tell you a little secret – and I believe I speak for most women on this – women find “hate and enjoyment for harm befalling others” quality in the male of the species to be a HUGE turn off and someone with whom we’d never hope to be associated. We consider such men to be a total flaming a**holes and hope to avoid him like the plague.

  • Cora

    George, you have to understand something. We Christians are obligated to evangelize the world. The bible tells us that we must. Just as you do not want to be told how to live your life, you can’t stop another group from living theirs. We live for Jesus Christ. We have to at least tell you you are living wrong. You don’t have to listen. But we have to tell you. That is so when Judgement Day is arrives you can’t say no one told you the truth and we can say we did our job of telling you. That is the long and short of it all.

    • http://CoraSucks Rob J

      I enjoy fictional storybooks too. I live for Harry Potter.

    • Wayne

      What the Bible says, Cora, is to preach the Gospel of salvation. Present people with the opportunity to gain salvation through the acceptance of Jesus Christ. There is NOTHING in the Bible that limits salvation to straight people. Anyone can be saved. But instead of preaching salvation, you and the rest of these so-called Christians, preach judgment and hate. I have news for you, that is not God’s message. His New Testament message was specifically, not to judge, yet you do, which is a sin. You hide you ignorance behind the need to “evangelize the world.” Evangelize does not mean criticize or point out the sins of others as though you were somehow better. As someone who has accepted Jesus and believes in the Bible, I find it repulsive when those who claim to speak God’s will have only hate in their hearts. Yes, you will be judged by God on Judgment Day and it won’t be a pretty picture. Go back and read the Bible and do what it says, not what you want it to say.

      • Lisa

        Well said Wayne…

        So many people pick and choose bible verses to justify their own actions or beliefs. They will quote old and new testament. Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Psalms, John, Matthew, Peter, James or Paul… but none of them seem to quote the one person, within whom, their whole faith revolves. In the last chapter of John, he mentions about how the whole of the world could not contain all the books chronicling the works and teachings of Jesus. Yet, throughout the whole new testament, Jesus does not say a heck of a lot. But what he does say, people seem to ignore.

        In James and in Hebrews, it does say, now that Jesus has come, to throw away the whole of the old testament – including the 10 commandments – as he has given us a new covenant. Really? What was this?

        In Matthew, his disciples came to him and asked what was the greatest commandment under the law. He said, “The greatest commandment is to love thy lord thy god with all the heart, mind and soul [this takes care of the 1st part of the 10 commandments – doing this, you will not take the lord’s name in vain, bear no false idols, keep the sabbath holy, etc] and the second is like unto it, love thy neighbor as thyself [theft, murder, dishonesty – these commandments are fairly well covered with this one].” Jesus goes on to say, “On these two commandments rests all the prophecy and the law.” Yeah, the rules and regulations of the whole old testament – including the 10 commandments!

        But mostly, what pisses me off most about the hypocrites and their ability at their justifying quotes is a quote not one of them seem to know… Screw Peter, Paul, John or anyone else in that book of fiction… what did Jesus himself say?

        John 15:17 “This is COMMAND, love each other.” “Command!” people … holding up a sign that says, “God Hates Fags!” How, in any way, is that a symbol of love?

  • Monica

    I am not sure how accurate this article is “the April convention is sold out?” I have not heard this news and they are still selling tickets to the FanXperience online??

  • mongo

    Welcome to the Starshit Analprise on its’ journey to Fruitopia.