George Jetson Spotted On Google Earth

    January 23, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

In the third grade the Weekly Reader rounded our eyes to tales of the coming millennium. By 2000, Moller would have flying cars off the ground and into traffic-regulated skies. You could have guessed that a satellite image captured by a Google Earth user had fulfilled that prophecy. But the flying car in the photo published in Britain’s The Register looks nothing like what’s on Moller’s website.

If it is a flying carthe picture’s a bit fuzzy since the object in question appears to only be a few yards off the ground.

The dutiful Register readership sends loads of “black helicopter” Google Earth images for examination. They’ve found anything (and anyone) from Jesus to swastika-shaped buildings.

Now somewhere in Australia, they’ve found a hovering 4-door sedan doing about 80 knots. But you have to ask, “Who wants a flying car that looks like a Crown Victoria?”

The Moller Skycar looks a bit more like a tail-kickin’ flying car should.

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