George Harrison’s Sister Cut Off From Family Fortune

By: Tina Volpe - November 28, 2013

George Harrison, a member of the rock icon band The Beatles died of cancer in 2001, leaving behind his wife, Olivia, and son Dhani in their Friar Park, a 120-room Victorian mansion in Henley-On-Thames just outside London.

He also left sister Louise with a decent pension from his $300 million dollar estate. From the time up until a year after his death, she was receiving a $2,000 per month pension to help support her. Granted, it wasn’t extremely generous considering his fortune, but almost exactly one year after his death, that pension stopped. She was cut off.

There was no explanation by Olivia, 65 or Dhani, 35 but Louise said she knows she would still be receiving the pension if her brother was still alive.

Louise is now 82 years old and still working to support herself as a band manager for a “Beatles” Tribute band, called Liverpool Legends.

Louise said: ‘It was my pension from him – it was his intention to make it last my lifetime. She recalls when her brother George said, “Given my financial situation, there is no reason on Earth why my sister should ever be in need.”

Louise commented, “I am struggling for money, like everyone, but I am not on the breadline. I am not “skint”, as they would say in Britain. I feel very fortunate to own outright the land that my two homes sit on – which is better than most.”

Louise recalls the last time she saw her little brother George. It was in the hospital when she was able to spend some quality time with him, to say goodbye. “George was pretty frail, yet he was also still vibrant,” she recalled in a 2002 interview.

“His eyes were still bright. He was still George. He must have been in pain, but he didn’t show it. We reminisced about our childhood, and his sense of humor was the same as ever.”

She recalls the last few moments she had with George, when he told her, “You know, I could have been a lot more help to you; I’m sorry.”

It is not known why the pension allotted to Louise was stopped, there have been no comments from Harrison’s wife Olivia, or son Dhani offering any explanation.

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  • Sue Rosenorn

    What the heck is wrong with these gold diggers celebrities marry? First Casey Kasim’s horrible wife cuts out his kids from a former marriage, now George’s wife disregards his wishes. Mr. Harrison’s son is still related to his aunt, and is probably grown. Doesnt he have any contact with her? Most people who have made large fortunes would want to make sure their loved ones are taken care of financially.

    • mark monroe

      Bless this wonderful woman. Olivia must be a witch and the son is selfish and thoughtless as hell to his aunt. Of course there has been no explanation from these two because the greedy wife and selfish kid (now 35 years old) just want MONEY.Louise is 82 years of age for God’s sake. She can use the help.George would probably be mortified to know what has happened to her.

    • NEIL

      People should give Louise’s band plenty of bookings as a reward for promoting the Beatles in Illinois in 1963. Such support from fans will be better than trying to soften the heart of George’s widow.

  • Sandi

    Louise was a wonderfully kind woman. I met her a Beatles Event in Chicago years ago. She told wonderful stories about George…they were very close. Why to people in families have to be so selfish…and greedy. Very sad to hear this…

    • Tina Volpe

      I agree – but what is most amazing is her lack of complaining. She’s not filing anything, suing anyone – she’s just working AT 82 – and not even expecting anything. It saddens me that someone with that kind of fortune, is so selfish. I feel for her. Maybe, after all of these articles and this uproar, Olivia and her son might reconsider? One can only hope!

  • linda

    IF George had been assisting her, financially, that should have been continued, by assuring it in a will, unless he felt that he did not need to state such within a will, feeling so, by having placed complete trust in his wife and son, to carry on, as he had been doing.
    I could not believe that they would be so cruel, and go against his wishes. I also can not believe that he would have been married to a woman of such a non existing heart.
    CLEARLY, his son is not like him.

    • Tina Volpe

      But Linda – who knows how much his son Dhani has to do with any of this…yes he’s 35 but usually, with money like this family’s – the kids only get allowances. They don’t control it.

      I don’t think we should blame the kid as well – I’m sure Olivia has control.

  • s slouber

    I’m always amazed with the comments from people that feel this is such an awful, selfish, greedy situation.
    Fact is George Harrison worked for his money. It didn’t come free to him. During his life time he was kind and supportive to his family and Louise has made money over the years feeding off of her brother’s fame and still is. $2,000.00 a month (extra) during the 80’s and 90’s was a substantial amount of money and if it wasn’t invested properly to benefit Louise’s future, whose fault is that?
    Articles like this are written in a negative light and people are always ready to jump on the bandwagon to judge just how awful people with money are. Truth is both Olivia and Dhani have continued to work and to support the charities and beliefs that George Harrison believed in. Watching the short video you do not hear Louise complaining or judging, she’s still just plugging along making money off of her brother’s fame.
    “It is not known why the pension allotted to Louise was stopped, there have been no comments from Harrison’s wife Olivia, or son Dhani offering any explanation.” Why should Olivia or Dhani offer any explanation? George Harrison’s decision to leave his estate to his wife and child was his to make and perhaps, just perhaps, it was George’s decision that the pension stop one year after his death.

    • Tina Volpe

      S Slouber – So has Louise – she worked tirelessly during the early Beatle years.

      The point here is that George WANTED her to have that money. It was his wish. The family didn’t honor his wishes.

      • s slouber

        I was neither personal friend nor attorney to George Harrison so I can’t definitively say that George Harrison WANTED or didn’t want her to have that money. If you were a personal friend of George Harrison’s I would certainly take your point into consideration. However I believe George Harrison, through his own trials, became a rather savvy businessman. He left written provisions for his charities, wife and child which leave me to think that if he intended to send Louise $2,000.00 a month for the rest of her life those provisions would have been in writing as well. $2,000.00 a month over a span of 20 years is nearly half a million dollars. Invested wisely over the last 30 years would have left Louise rather well off. And I find it strange that now, ten years after his death, this is making news.
        I’m sure Louise worked tirelessly during the early Beatles years and I don’t doubt that she is a kind person. But there is a personal responsibility; we each have, to secure our own retirement. And I can’t help but wonder, unless Louise’s children have befallen tragedy, why aren’t they helping their mother? Louise herself states she owns the land that her two homes sit on. When there are so many that are homeless and who have lost everything they have through natural disaster I find Louise’s state is not so grim.
        Just as I don’t doubt that Louise is a kind person I don’t doubt that Olivia Harrison is also a kind person. There are two sides to every story and to make Olivia out to be a heartless, gold digger or Dhani a spoiled, selfish, rich kid is inappropriate. If Olivia and Dhani choose not to comment I’m sure they have their reasons and their reasons really do not need to be justified.

        • NEIL

          Olivia and Dhani should comment on this because it is damaging to George’s reputation and one thing we know that they are interested in is George’s legacy.

  • kathy

    I am so saddened by this, but I guess it just goes to show that all families have their quirks and personality issues. I wish her the best and I am so sorry her brother’s wishes were not honored.