Gene Simmons Talks Ray Rice Incident


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Gene Simmons is one of the many celebrities who have something to say about the Ray Rice elevator incident.

Simmons said that he doesn’t think Rice’s punishment is severe enough and that he feels like he should do some time in prison so he can understand exactly how wrong he was to hit his wife.

"My opinion is, if he was in jail for a day and became somebody's girlfriend maybe he'd knew what abuse is life, but that's another story," Simmons said. "I'm against physical violence of anybody. You raise your hand to somebody you should he held accountable, not just in the legal system. It's unsportsmanlike."

Simmons went on to say that the incident was bad enough itself, but the fact that Ray’s wife, the victim of the attack, takes up for him is even worse.

Janay Rice was only Ray’s fiancé when he knocked her out in the elevator, but she married him just a short time later and now she refuses to believe that she is a victim and has asked everyone to leave her and Ray alone and to let them deal with things on their own.

She insists that she instigated the fight that led up to the elevator knockout and says that after it happened Ray got help and that they are now in a much better place and much happier.

She has also said that she feels like it isn’t fair that Ray got banned from the NFL and has accused the media and those who are obviously against Ray, of ruining the couple’s life and future.

“The saddest part of the ordeal is that Rice's wife or fiancee isn't copping to the fact that she was abused. More than abused - knocked out, the physical stuff," Simmons said.