Gene Simmons Ready To Launch New Music Reality Show

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Gene Simmons, of KISS fame, is heading up a new musical reality show as the "Rock Caesar".

His new show, Coliseum, pits talented singers against one another to gain the coveted thumbs up.

Most of us know how the ancients did it.

Thumbs up means you go on, thumbs down means you (your career) die.

The famous singer will coach his "gladiators" before they are ready to perform before the audience.

"Coliseum is a no-holds-barred competition show between musical gladiators in the arena fighting to survive, fighting to be the champion, fighting to curry the favor of Rock Caesar," said Gene Simmons in a statement.

This announcement comes right on the heels of Simmons making a cringe-worthy statement on the controversial Ray Rice debacle.

While most of the population most likely feels that Ray Rice did wrong by his then-fiance, Gene Simmons took it a step further with his opinion on the matter. Not that some people don't agree...

He said, “That guy needs, well my opinion is, if he was in jail for a day and became somebody’s girlfriend maybe he’d knew what abuse is like,” Simmons said during an interview on the Mike and Mike radio show. “But that’s another story.”

Simmons added, “I’m against physical violence of anybody. You raise your hand to somebody you should he held accountable, not just in the legal system. It’s unsportsmanlike.”

He admitted that his biggest worry was for Janay Rice, who went ahead and walked the aisle with her alleged abuser.

Simmons said he was “sad” that Janay Rice “isn’t copping to the fact that she was abused. More than abused, knocked out, the physical stuff.”

I think it's safe to say that most people felt sad for her in that way.

Congrats to Gene Simmons on his new show! We shall see if the nation gives it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

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