Gene Hackman Punched A Homeless Man

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Gene Hackman may be 82-years old, but he’s no lightweight when it comes to defending himself and his lady.

When Hackman and his wife were walking through downtown Santa Fe yesterday afternoon and found themselves approached by a homeless man, they weren’t alarmed; he was, according to authorities, someone they’d been in contact with before and had given food and money to. Apparently this time, however, he became aggressive and ended up calling Hackman’s wife a name, which led to an altercation. When he made a threatening move towards the couple, Hackman punched him.

No charges have been filed, and Hackman isn’t in trouble for the hit, authorities say.

“It was a simple battery case and it appears Mr. Hackman was acting in self-defense because he was concerned for his safety,” said Santa Fe police.

Hackman in “Unforgiven”. Caution: some NSFW language.

Gene Hackman Punched A Homeless Man
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  • mark cerri

    Would it make any differance if Mr. Hackman was 22 and he punched a homeless person? Hey…he was defending himself and his wife..cudos to him. Right on to Gene Hackman..no appology needed here. Hope he has the chance to do it again at 83..84…85 etc!!

  • H. Campbell

    The homeless guy wasn’t helping his own case when he called Mr. Hackman’s wife a rude name. Especially when the couple had been donating to this man a number of times before.

  • Greg

    Kudos to Gene Hackman. I live in downtown minneapolis and the homeless and pan handlers make me so sick. I had one black homeless guy keep pestering me for money that I turned around and decked him good, and whenever I see homeless or panhandlers, when they ask for any spare change, I say Yeah but none for you. God gave them two legs. Why don’t they get a job

  • Lewis

    I wonder if the guy was picking his toes

  • Lewis

    I wonder if the guy was picking his toes

  • Lou

    The guy had it coming. Mr. Hackman did the right thing.

  • John Huerta

    Anyone Who makes Rude Comments Deserved to Be Punched as For Mr. hackman He Did The Right Thing To Punch The Homeless Man For The Commnet He made to Hackman’s Wife, No One Should Make Rude Commnets Nor Be Rude at all.

  • http://yahoo.com mike quintana

    I was their !He was just showing him a few moves on defending himself!

  • Ellbe

    Sounds like the Government failed with helping these homeless people. Not keeping community safe. Our government and tax $ at work.

  • http://yahoo ENFORCER

    Way to go gene!!! (CAN YOU DIGIT) j.r.

  • Brett

    Gene Hackman is one of my favorite actors! I sorry he had to result to violence,but sometimes it’s needed, Some if the homeless have mental problems, and it’s a shame that our state hospitals turn these people a lose on the streets with nowhere to go,and then we the public have to deal with them! I’d say keep giving, but just be care.

    • mark

      you do not handle mentally ill people by slapping them around, you goofball. you must be living in the 40-s and 50’s when that was rampant. It is now illegal and will put you in jail. Seems to me that you really hate homeless people. You need to realize that they are people, human beings. Your response tells me volumes about you. If you condone slapping mentally ill homeless people I am sure you are not someone I would ever care to know or help

      • John

        Who said he was mentally ill? If so, then why is he on the street? Mark your an idiot to the extreme.

      • Fed Up


        Based on your comment, it prevents us from slapping you around! Be real… Solve the problem by giving that reckless homeless guy a home (JAIL). Good Job Gene!

        • Liz

          Has anyone once thought that what the homeless guy was after was a three hots and a cot?

  • hugby

    I understand he called Hackman’s wife a skanky pussii. THIS IS NOT AN INSULT! If she married a stink face like Hankman, it’s the truth! Calling her a decent woman WOULD’VE been an insult, because it’s not true! Anyone who would marry a sleazy slob like Gene Hackman deserves to be insulted! I would’ve struck Mr Hackman with 2 or 3 wet noodles. That would take care of him! I’d strike a blow. I’d get up and go. I’d put on a show. I’d go to and fro. I’d hit with my big toe. I’d turn on the flow. I’d call him Moe. I’d teach him to sew. I’d get Tommy Roe. I’d call him Joe. He would be my foe. I’d take out Mr Hackman, AND THEN I’D SKROO HIS WIFE IN THE AHZS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ray

      You are one sick puppy!!!!!

    • Janna

      That was your 15 seconds of fame! You should have saved it for something really good! But to pick on “ole guys,” an Lex Luther!? Sad. Words do hurt my friend. Think before you gas. I’m sure you have a grandmother too.

    • Shakiyra

      You must be a muslim cause you sure are spouting some BS.

    • John

      Perfect example of why some mothers eat their young. I guess that yours couldnt find her dentures.

      • Liz


    • http://webpronews faye


  • Big Rob

    Hey, Us old guy’s can still kick some ass.

  • mark

    The fact that the homeless man never touched neither Gene Hackman or his wife seems to escape all the Hackman worshipers. The homeless guy shouted obscenities. Slapping someone for shouting obscenities is beyond reasonable and is on par with stupidity. It is not self defense according the the standard of law. Hackman wasn’t arrested because he is a celebrity and celebrities get a free pass. Basically, what the police were saying by letting Hackman walk is that homeless people have no rights and you can slap them around anytime and for any reason.
    Hackman is pathetic. Picking on a homeless person. a person he knows nothing about and what led to his circumstances. Hackman didn’t see a human being when he felt the need to slap a homeless guy for saying the “F” word.

    • Ro Clooney

      Hope your wife doesn’t get approached by a man that is visibly getting angrier despite getting hand outs from her before.I guess it’s your business if you don’t care to protect YOUR wife…

      • mark

        hey dumb bell, protecting your wife against an attacker is one thing. Slapping the hell out of people for shouting an obscenity is something different. I have had people shout obscenities at me and girls I have been in relationships with. It’s called walking away. learning to pick your battles. And there is a saying I learned when I was very little, my dad taught it to me. It goes “barking dogs don’t bite”. It goes for people to. If you can walk away with no hassle then walk away. Trust me, Hackman got a free pass because he is a celeb. If one of us did that to a non homeless person we would be in jail. You can’t smack people for shouting obscenities

    • John

      Mark that’s the problem. Are you afraid of the repercussions of your own actions. That’s why there wasn’t much of this years ago. People had more respect for each other verbaly, then in turn phisically. The man deserved what he got. It’s that reaping and sowing principal. I’ve spent a lot of time with the homeless, and there is good and bad there too. Also, he will think twice about verbal abuse the next time he is in a confrontation. Do you get it now? Or are you one of those idiots that can’t get your point across without screaming and cussing.

    • Randy

      If you read the article, you would know that it was self-defense:

      “When he made a threatening move towards the couple, Hackman punched him”.

      A threatening move is an action that could result in injury or worse, and a person has every right to defend against that. Whether he touched Hackman or his wife is irrelevant.

  • Jeremy

    still laughing hugby!

  • don Miller

    i hope this homeless man finds a real good lawyer hackman should be made to pay, plus some jail time. just because he is rich does not give the him the right to hit anyone

    • Muriel Hislop

      It does if it was self defense. Did you read the article?

    • Dave


      Does being an idiot come naturally to you; or do you really have to work at it? Seriously. Hackman; regardless of age; had every right in the world to defend himself. Hackman did NOT attack the homeless guy without provocation; in which case; your statement would be legally true. Hackman instead; DEFENDED himself AGAINST an unprovoked attack. Big Difference.

    • Sheila

      Are you kidding me? No one has the right to call others names and accost them in public. Homeless or not there are boundaries decent people need to follow and this homeless man overstepped his boundaries. Gene had every right to punch him out in defense of himself and his wife. Many homeless people have the entitlement gene and feel thier inappropriate and illegal behavior is justified. NEVER is it okay for someone else to call out vile names or to invade someone elses personal space. Goos for you Gene. He is a hero who even at 82 will not allow others take advantage of him and his loved ones.


  • james c

    Im sure Mr Hackman, as the article says, knew the homeless man and had given him money in the past. If someone is rude to me, cool, but if my lady is with me, the offender will be offended before I leave. Kudos to Geno. Homeless people have rights but, just as anyone else, they stop where mine begins.

  • james c

    yo markie, all homeless people are not mentally ill.. How can yo say he hates homeless people. in case you missed the article, it said he had given to this individual in the past. What probably transpired was he told the guy no, and some folks cant take no for an answer when they are use to hearing yes. Homeless are humans, whether mentally ill or not, but being menally challenged doesnt give your “special” rights. Maybe special treatment, but not rights to do what you want and say what you want, no matter who it offends. You have to be a bleeding heart, liberal who thinks its a crime to require people to be accountable for their actions.

    • mark

      Yo???? well there are conflicting reports. The fact is that the homeless man never put his hands on Hackman or Hackman’s wife. The homeless man did not corner them and hold them against their will. Hackman and his wife were able to walk away without incident. Therefore the claim of self defense is negated. Hackman could have walked away. He chose not to and he chose to become the aggressor by slapping the guy. Hackman can be charged with assault and battery. He wasn’t because he is a celeb. And people like you condone smacking people who shout obscenities. You like the homeless guy are a barking dog that doesn’t bite.

      • Liz

        Verbal assault is against the law in many states.

  • Harlan

    Retaliate first.

  • Peter

    Never try to bite the hand that fed you.

  • Harlan

    “Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.” – John Steinbeck

  • Rod

    Mark, read the article. He punched the man when he made an agressive move against his wife and himself. If an angry man charges me I will punch him to say the least. He will stop coming at me or my wife or I will continue hitting. When he backs off then I will also. Very sane, legal right.

    • mark

      hey dumb bell according to police statements in other news reports the homeless guy did not make a move. All he did was shout obscenities. For self defense to be claimed you would have to be fighting for you life. You have to prove beyond any doubt that you were in danger of losing your life. It is hard to prove and most people lose self defense claims. Very difficult to prove. Hackman got a pass because he is a celeb. And, if he knew this guy then it should not have come as a shock if the guy acted unstable. Hence, Hackman’s self defense claim comes into question because he could have avoided the guy if he knew the guy was unstable.

      • AZtejas

        Maybe it would help if you actually learn how to read. Go back and read the article one more time. If you can’t read, don’t comment.

  • jesus

    try riding the busses in Miami florida i was struck in the head wih a pen from a crazy man for no reason on the bus and they dont do anytjhing about it.

  • albert

    Give Gene Hackman a cigar and maybe a cupie doll. Quit whining about some jerk getting his block knocked off when they needed it.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/gene-hackman-punched-a-homeless-man-2012-10#respond carla

    Heck at 69 I would have defended my self. Enough of the liberal bs We have a right to defend ourselves

  • http://webpronews Mark

    It stated ” made a threatening move toward couple”. That does fall under self-defense in my book.I like how you tell others not to judge, what the laws are on sefl-defense, and know Mr. Hackman on a personal basis to judge his intent apparently. My Dad called those people hypocrite. Maybe the issue is with Mr. Hackman, just saying.

  • robert

    All you people giving advise…that homeless man should get a lawyer etc etc….you don’t know what transpired…and he was defending his wife…and I say good for him…everyone should mind their own business.
    You go Gene….

  • randalneil

    Bring on Chuck Norris

  • Daniel Cochran

    guys, hackmman is old school, he was raised in a time when you got slapped if you didnt take your hat off to a lady or stand when a lady was coming to a table or leaving a table. Its all about respect something that most boys not men have no idea about, and its damn sure time we bring some of that respect back for our kids to learn

    • John

      Your all over it Daniel. I remember those days. People were much more civilized then.

  • Bum Fights Round 3 (ding ding)

    NONE of you screaming Social Liberal’s who are yelling Law Suit were there, so you should “Shut Your Pie Hole’s”…

    You don’t know what transpired out on the streets of Santa Fe… Mr. Hackman’s first mistake was to give this homeless man anything in the first place. The homeless guy may have wanted another free handout and was spurned by Mr. Hackman and he then most likely became aggressive as they often do when you don’t give them what they want and they need their bottle of booze… YES, the homeless people can get aggressive when you ignore them.

    The homeless guy should have had more common sense… I am sick and tired of the homeless people having more rights than me…

    Mr. Hackman had every right to defend himself and his wife and if he felt threatened, he has the right to strike first and not wait until after there is a knife sticking out of his wife’s gut… Since NONE of us were there, we have no idea of what really transpired. The Santa Fe Police were called to the scene and determined that Mr. Hackman acted in “Self Defense”, but your miscreant little Socially Liberal brains can’t seem to comprehend this.

    Absolutely the homeless guy has rights, but his rights end where my rights begin… I don’t care if you are super rich and famous or a homeless bum looking for another bottle of ThunderBird Wine, Don’t get aggressive with me because I won’t wait for you to strike first, I will end the problem before it starts…

  • James Dollars

    hurray for geno. if you did not witness the event, don’t comment by blaming one party or the other. you don’t know. you are expressing a
    biased opinion.

  • mike

    O, Really. Gene Hackman told someone to “get a job”. Since when has he ever had a real job?

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